Places to Eat in Panglao

Dining options in Panglao are numerous, particularly as you'd expect in the Alona Beach area, although there are also a couple of other good spots across other parts of the island. There's a great range of international food on offer thanks to the volume of tourists basing themselves in the area, as well as some great Filipino eateries.

Popular Dining Options

Traditional Boholian cuisine that you'll find on the island tends to revolve around barbecue restaurants and fresh seafood. Obviously with its position as an island with a large fishing community the fresh fish and seafood on offer is a real highlight and should definitely be sampled. From simple baked fish dishes with subtle flavours to grilled squid, we loved the many seafood dishes we had the opportunity to sample in Panglao.

Another highlight are the many grill restaurants which leave the air smelling of barbecued meat every evening from around 5pm. Typically you'll find either chicken or pork the main features of these menus, including pork belly, pork chops, chicken wings and other tasty grilled options. These are usually served as a part of set meal which will include a choice of garlic or plain rice, fried or baked potato and a small salad. They offer great value for money if you're looking for casual dining and simple local food.

Filipino Food

When it comes to Filipino food in Panglao, some of the most popular cheap barbecue restaurants are the Alona Seaside Grill, Pyramid Resort Restaurant and Ging Gings Resto Bar. Here you can usually find a good meal for PHP200 to PHP300 per person.

For high end Philippine food, there are many choices available. Tarsier Paprika is the highest rated of these in a beautiful sea front location with a small number of tables and a great menu. Some of the most popular dishes include the red snapper and steaks.

Saffron is a similarly high-end restaurant located within the Amorita resort and has a slightly wider menu choice which contains many Filipino classics.

Western and International Food

If you're looking for international food in Panglao, there are many different types of cuisine to choose from.

Barwoo offers well reviewed Korean food, with an open kitchen and some tasty barbecue and rice dishes.

Pizza and other Italian options are well represented on the island with many restaurants containing these choices on their menus - and a dedicated pizzeria in Giuseppe.

There's even a Greek taverna style eatery on Alona beachfront serving some tasty dishes at good value prices.

Other western options are easy to find, again featuring on a wide range of menus and featuring anything from burgers to fish and chips. You'll always see plenty of western tourists at the Outback Bar & Grill, which has an extensive menu of international favourites with reasonable mid range pricing.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

There are a few spots to choose from if you're looking for a coffee shop as opposed to a restaurant. The most popular of these is Nikita's Coffee Shop & Cafe, located in Alona and boasting a good range of cakes and baked goods and decent coffee. This is a friendly and welcoming cafe and well worth a spot. They also offer a very popular full English breakfast.

Another coffee shop is the Buzz Cafe, on the seafront with a comfortable balcony offering amazing sea views. This is affiliated with the Bee Farm and does brilliant organic ice cream as well as really good coffee.

Bars and Nightlife

Finally if it's drinking spots that you're after there are a few places offering nightlife in Panglao - again around Alona Beach. Notable places are One for da road which in spite of its interesting name offers reasonable cocktails and low prices. The Outback Bar is also a popular choice with an extensive cocktail and shots menu and Coco Vida Bar on the seafront is always busy, often with live music.

Generally you're better sticking to islands like Boracay if you really want to party but you can certainly have a good time at Alona Beach.