Bohol Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

In our experience in the Philippines, Bohol included, accommodation is very expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries if you're on a backpacker budget.

There are hostels and dorm rooms to be had, but it's worth booking advance if you can and in the most popular areas they're still pretty pricy.

The mid to high end range is good, so if you're happy to splash out you can expect to enjoy some great seafront resorts. These will often offer some of the most stunning beach views you'll find outside of places like the Maldives but are a snip of the price compared to hotels in those locations.

Filipinos take the concept of hospitality very seriously and even if you're in budget accommodation you can expect to receive excellent service and a really friendly and welcoming travel experience. Accommodation also usually includes breakfast which is another handy way to save some money.

Most travellers head straight to Panglao island, where there are numerous accommodation options in and around Alona beach but there are a few places to stay on the main island of Bohol.

A popular option for those seeking a budget friendly and authentic travel experience is to take advantage of one of the homestays on the island. There are a couple of homestay schemes in operation with families providing accommodation in various locations from PHP600 per night. One of the main aims of these is to see tourism money invested into local communities and smaller areas rather than just into the main large tourist resorts. If you want accommodation that offers a less touristy experience and aims to help the wider development of the island, this is a good choice.

Anda area

Anda is a resort on a peninsular in the northeast of Bohol which is growing increasingly popular as more people discover its beautiful beaches and more peaceful nature. Resorts here include the Amun Ini resort which aims to provide a more luxurious experience and is located at Bas Dako beach. Bituon Beach Bungalows are a decent German-Filipino owned mid range option, with traditional style bungalows offering terrific views and is a popular spot with divers.


Baclayon (near the famous church) has less in the way of accommodation but does have a luxury option worth mentioning - the Peacock Garden Resort and Spa. If you're looking for a quiet and luxurious stay away from the busy main beaches of Bohol this is a decent option.

Central Bohol

In central Bohol there are a couple of options for accommodation in and around Carmen, a small area where the Chocolate Hills are located. Most choose not to stay inland, but if you want early morning views of the hills without a long drive there is a government owned hotel that you can stay at.

A more popular inland destination is the area around the Loboc River, where you can find various eco lodges and small backpacker friendly accommodations. One such choice is the Nuts Huts riverside lodges, which is a budget friendly choice in a tropical and beautiful location in Loboc.


Tagbilaran is the capital city of the island and offers several hotels and hostels for mid to low budgets. It's not the most popular place to stay however with far more of the tourist attractions of Bohol located outside of the city. If you do want to stay here then a good choice for higher budgets is the Bohol Tropics Resort Club, whilst the Nisa Travellers’ Inn is a more cost effective option.