Bohol Sights and POI

As it is the tenth largest island in the Philippines archipelago there's a lot to see in Bohol. With its tourist friendly infrastructure and being so easy to get around, it's a great place to base yourself for several days as you Island hop in the Visayas. Some travellers choose only to spend a day or two here to see the main highlights but spending a bit more time to really see what the island has to offer is far more rewarding.

Bohol beaches

First up, there are plenty of stunning beaches to enjoy in Bohol. Most of these are located on the small island of Panglao to the south of Tagbilaran, but there are some coastal resorts in the southern regions of Bohol proper.

The best way to explore the beaches is to rent a motorbike and find the most secret and quietest spots. Some of the most famous white sandy beaches in Bohol include Alona beach, Bikini beach and Dumaluan beach.

If you have time, try to visit at least one of the smaller islands within Bohol province for much more peaceful and unspoiled beach spots. It's also worth being aware when it comes to beaches that they are most busy on a Sunday when the locals also come out in force to enjoy them.

Bohol’s wildlife

Another big attraction and reason for many people to visit Bohol is to appreciate the amazing and diverse wildlife on the island. Sadly much of this is under threat from the destruction of habitat and poaching but there are some great causes set up to protect the wildlife.

This part of the Philippines boasts some of the most beautiful corals and marine life in the world, and underwater is a great place to see some of the most impressive wildlife on offer.

Possibly the most famous resident of Bohol though is the tarsier - a tiny species of monkey no bigger than a human hand and featuring quite enormous eyes, they are extremely cute and sadly endangered. There are a couple of sanctuaries in Bohol that you can visit to see these amazingly cute monkeys, although do be cautious to avoid unscrupulous places that keep them in cages to display for tourists.

It's also possible to see fireflies on the island, and many tours are available offering the opportunity to spot them.

Bohol’s landscapes

Alongside the island’s wildlife are some beautiful natural landscapes that should be on any traveller’s radar.

These include waterfalls such as Mag-Aso Falls and Camogao Falls - the former being one of the most stunning falls on the island and well worth a trip. Plenty of great insta-opportunities here!

The most famous natural landscape is that of the Chocolate Hills which really is a must see for anyone visiting Bohol. The best time to see them is early in the morning towards the end of the dry season when they are brown in colour and actually resemble chocolate drops. On our visit they were lush green so whilst impressive, not in any way chocolate-y!

History and architecture

Bohol is also steeped in history so there are a few other things to see that will appeal to those looking for a bit of culture.

Baclayon church is one of the oldest - several hundreds of years old - and although sadly damaged in a recent earthquake is still worth a visit. There are also several other impressive Catholic churches including several in Tagbilaran city.

Another piece of the island’s history can be found at a memorial to signify where the famous blood compact was signed by the leader of Bohol and the head of the Spanish exploration to the island.