Places to Eat in Sibu

The people of Sibu are very passionate about food and there is great pride in the local cuisine, which features many interesting and delicious dishes. There’s also a pretty good variety of western and international food for those looking for something from closer to home.

Dishes to Taste

Some of the common dishes of the area that should be tried include kam pua, which are pork noodles that are cooked in lard and served with spring onions and soya sauce, and dueng mian ngu, which is a savoury soup commonly available at street stalls for breakfast or evening snacks, and often comes with squid and fish balls. Bian nyuk is a kind of dumpling with meat that is served alone or in soups, and gom bian is a Foochow dish that is made from flour and not unlike bagels and can be served with meat and gravy or alone. If you’re going to try one dish in the area this one comes highly recommended.

Other Chinese influenced dishes you’ll see commonly in Sibu include bek ding yuok, the Chinese soup of eight different herbal ingredients, and you zhar gui which is a deep fried batter often eaten together with porridge. You’ll find that you certainly won’t go hungry and there are many local delicacies to enjoy on a trip to Sibu.

Markets and Cheap Eats

If you’re looking for traditional food on a budget, the best places to try out are the local markets and street food stands.

The Central Market is a large indoor market with lots of food options on the 1st floor, while the night market that runs in the evening is a must visit for those looking to eat out locally while saving money - there are many vendors here to explore and it’s a great spot to spend some time people watching and soaking up the atmosphere of the town.

Local Food

More upmarket local cuisine can be found at one of the many restaurants around town, most of which specialise in Chinese and Malay dishes from the region.

Warung at Jalan Bandong serves Halal Malay dishes, including various types of goreng and is typically busy with both locals and travellers. The Noodle House is another popular spot, it’s well known for delicious cakes and brunches but also serves up a decent menu of local food with a couple of international options for dinner. The Payung Cafe charges slightly higher prices but offers well presented and tasty local Malay cuisine with plenty of dishes to choose from.

Western and International Food

International food can be found at a few spots. The most upmarket place for travellers looking for Western food is probably Grill & Co, which serves up various steaks and grills as well as having a popular specials menu.

There is also a Japanese restaurant and a Korean Barbecue, as well as the Eco Delite Cafe which serves up a few western dishes including various pastas.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

For coffee and bakeries, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just a few popular coffee shops to enjoy include Upstairs Coffee, W Coffee Company and Cake Times, which all serve plenty of different cakes and pastries alongside some decent coffee. Prices vary but they’re usually fairly budget friendly.


On the nightlife front, there are several options to try, especially if you’re a Karaoke fan! These include the Q-Bar Karaoke Lounge, Rest & Relax Music Cafe, Crystal Palace Karaoke Lounge and Cheers Karaoke Lounge. These are fun places to spend a few hours and can get pretty lively - just be sure to keep your wits about you if you’re drinking.