Visa to Malaysia

Exploring South East Asia can come with its fair share of bureaucratic responsibilities, such as organizing visas. The good thing about a trip to Malaysia is that many nationalities do not require a visa to enter, meaning that you can walk through immigration for free and get a stamp for a 30/90-day visit, called a Social Visit Pass.

Visa exemptions – Social Visit Pass

Most travellers or holiday-makers will spend less than 30/90 days in Malaysia so a Social Visit Pass is perfectly adequate. However, should you decide that you want more time to explore this incredible country you can make a quick trip over the border into one of the neighbouring countries and come back for a new 30/90-day Social Visit Pass stamp.

Alternatively, you can apply for a 30-day extension on your Social Visit Pass without leaving the country which will cost you MYR50 and each person is limited to two 30 day extensions.

It is good to respect the expiry date on your Social Visit Pass as it is a lengthy allowance (and free!) but if you end up overstaying for any reason, you will be fined MYR30 for each day overstayed and you might have some disgruntled immigration officers to deal with at the border.


For visitors who come from China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, you are eligible to apply for an evisa allowing a 30-day visit into Malaysia. Window Malaysia is the official eVisa application portal and any other website you might fine could be illegal and grant you an unofficial visa.

Tourist and transit visas

Although the majority of visitors can make do with the free Social Visit Pass, some might need to apply for an alternative visa; a single-entry tourist visa, a multiple-entry tourist visa, and a transit visa.

A single-entry tourist visa grants you 90 days in the country from the date of entry, but check with the Ministry of Home Affairs as to whether you need one of these, or whether you are eligible for a Social Visit Pass.

A multiple-entry visa is for those visiting Malaysia on business and/or governmental reasons, issued in lengths of 3 to 12 month validity periods, with single entries capped at 30 days. Please note this type of visa is not for tour groups.

A transit visa is needed for certain nationalities passing through Malaysia with an onward connection that takes them out of the airport’s immigration. Most holidaymakers and travellers will not need this visa and those with connecting flights through Kuala Lumpur International Airport do not require this visa either.

If you think you need to apply for any of the above visas, you will have to organise this through a Malaysian Diplomatic Representative in your home country, or country of departure, before arrival in Malaysia.

Do I need a visa?

If you are unsure what visa you need for your nationality and what you might need to arrange before your arrival, it is always good to check with the Immigration Department of Malaysia to be sure. They have useful information on their official website.

You might also be asked to prove you have sufficient funds to stay in Malaysia should you be applying for a visa, as well as supply a passport size photo, and proof of onward travel.
Finally, always make sure you have more than 6 months validity on your passport before travelling, and enough blank pages to allow for entry and departure stamps.