Kuantan Hotels and Resorts

There is truly a host of low cost, interesting, and comfortable accommodations in Kuantan. Whether you enjoy getting real close with the culture, need a cheap and clean place for the night, or want something a little more comfortable, dare we say "Wi-Fi in the room", you'll have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs.


Backpackers are in for a treat in Kuantan. The array of options afforded to the traveller who keeps things tight on accommodation is a plenty.

Kuantan Backpackers emits the classic backpacker vibe, and they check all the boxes. They are very centrally located, just a 5 minute walk for a locus bus at the RapidKuantan Bus Terminal. Beds go for as little at MYR 30 and include breakfast, Wi-Fi, and a map to get you on your way.

There are several places that are well suited to families. Of the best of them, is the Kaseh Isaura Homestay. The whole house is in total, so perfect. MYR 60 per room to stay in great comfort with your loved ones all around you. The Baiti Homestay offer an incredible deal with a whole house, big enough for four, being yours for just MYR 100. The Pondok Melor Homestay is an additional consideration for families, just walking distance away from Balok Beach.


A mid-range accommodation with a good deal of luxury is the Duta Sand Beach Resort. A brilliant white sand beach lines the resort, a fish village just up the way. The rooms are fantastically tropical - wooden chalets with a sea breeze blowing in. Rooms go for around MYR 190 a night, but include a great breakfast.

Pantai Regal is a classic great option for a first night in town, being within only a few kilometres of the airport. The hotel is exceptionally comfortable, where all the amenities for a well curated environment are at your fingertips. Rooms go from between MYR 90 and MYR 150, the latter of which have exquisite mountain and city views.

Top End

The Swiss Garden Beach Resort comes at a higher price but delivers quite enough for the price tag. The rooms, buffet breakfast and resort in general are high end and luxurious. The resort is decadent in its aesthetic finishes and ample in its supply of comforts. The buffet breakfast may indeed be something to write home about while the beach, just meters away from the resort provides a scenic backdrop for hours of relaxation or activity. The resort is also well located, a few short kilometres away from museums, parks and temples. Rooms begin at around MYR 200 and peak at MYR 550 for the executive suite.

A really quite fantastic option when you consider the low starting price of MYR 160 for an executive room, is the Vistana Kuantan City Centre Hotel. The hotel has a well-earned four-star badge to show off to customers, backed by a beautiful outdoor pool, luxurious rooms and much more. The breakfast is included and it also delicious - full of fruits and juices and the smell of tasty things cooking. The hotel is just a ten minute drive from the Royal Pahang Golf Club, and just as far from Teluk Cempedak Beach. The price of rooms top out at around MYR 400 for the executive suite.