Places to Eat in Kuantan

Kuantan is becoming somewhat of a culinary centre along eastern peninsular of Malaysia. Dining spots for tourists and locals alike are growing steadily to include options as wide as classic kopitiams, traditional ethnic stalls, artsy café’s and fine dining establishments.

During your stay in Kuantan, you’re bound to overhear the words “Moh Makan” being passed between locals. The words translate to “Let’s eat”, and do well to sum up the local enthusiasm for the culinary arts.

Local Food

With the rich history of the spice trade leaving its impression on the area, the dishes of Pahang are notably multicultural. The prevalence of cumin, ginger and the entire concept of the kebab, to name just a few things, are all to be traced back to Indian and Arab traders. Let’s see then, in a little more detail, what assortment of dishes await you.

Satay is an obvious must-have in Kuantan. Terminal Satay Zul is a well-respected satay joint. Without a doubt, it was the best satay that we have ever eaten. By the looks on faces of the bodies that surrounded us, it would be fair to assume that they agreed. Get there. Take any bus you need to!

Regional Food

Restoran Hoo Seng is a big food court that has all the Chinese food that you could imagine. An easy dinner choice, made harder only by the volume of great options. Tong Koon Mee Itik, one of the stalls at the court, make an incredible roast duck noodle. If you manage to find it before you’ve already had way too much, then enjoy!

Hoi Yin is a highly reputable curry restaurant in the city. In an area so full of curry outlets, it’s well regarded name is quite a thing. The restaurant is packed from as early as 9:00 am, but this should not put you off. The flavours are intense, but well balanced. Amidst the sweat on your brow and people among you, the meal is a generally calming experience. It is very reasonably priced too!

Maybe the best place to get your fix of cendol is at Cendol Air Putih. The shop is bright yellow, makes the most wonderfully balanced cendol, and satisfies you and any idea that you had of cendol before you tried it.

Western and International Food

Need a slice of the Western life? Mango cheesecake from the Kula Café may just hit the spot. But, you’d be silly to not inspect the illustrious menu before choosing your poison. Crème brule, pavlova and so much more.

Crocodile Rock Pizza and Grill have satisfied the needs of the demanding masses that envelop the place very Thursday night. The fantastic Western food, live band, colonial-style architecture and serene garden setting make for an entertaining evening. The restaurant is also open every other day except Monday, you know, if you don’t want to have the vibe grooving through your tapping feet while you kickback. Other Western places that whip up some good Western cuisine include The Black Pearl and the Little Croc Deli and Café.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

Breakfast at 90 Degrees Café and Art Studio is money well spent. Delicious and excellently prepared western and cultural classics come rolling out the kitchen doors at a steady rate. If you’re like us, and you do things properly, get some homemade ice cream for breakfast, pay the bill, and go dancing off into the distance. The restaurant opens at ten and closes late. Once a month, the restaurant hosts an art exhibition of local artists work, check online to see if you’re around!