Places to Eat in Tagaytay

People go to Tagaytay for its refreshingly cool climate and stunning landscapes – but not only. The town’s vibrant and diverse food scene attracts its fair share of foodies.

It's actually quite a challenge trying to narrow down our choices but we'll stand by the following recommendations.

Local Food

Tagaytay is synonymous with a steaming bowl of bulalo, that insanely flavourful soup of beef shanks with bone marrow. If you're in need of something to warm you up, stride over to Mahogany Market (Mahogany Ave. Brgy. Kaybagal South). The second floor of the building is occupied by several eateries, all boasting to have the best bulalo in town.

Besides the soup, try other local dishes such as crispy fried tawilis (freshwater herring), kalderetang kambing (goat meat stew) , or Tapang Taal (cured beef). Be warned that it's not exactly as cheap as you would expect from a public market food stall but the good news is, you get unlimited bananas and kapeng barako (Batangas coffee brew).

Pamana Restaurant (1315 Aguinaldo Highway) is also worth a culinary visit. The interior design is lovely with some rustic feel to it. The wall with the old photographs is a nice touch too. The staff are usually attentive and polite and the generous servings of authentic Filipino dishes were enough to satiate our cravings. We had the crispy pata and binakol (chicken in coconut water soup) and finished it down with some homemade ice cream. Very, very satisfying meal! Oh, ask to be seated on the third floor if you wish to have a view of the lake.

Western and International Food

If your taste bud wants something more Mediterranean, then get a table at Marcia Adams Restaurant (J.P.Rizal St, Brgy Sikat). This place is in a bit of a secret garden so it might be hard to find but that makes the experience even more sublime. You have the option to be seated in an open air dining area surrounded by lush greenery or inside a Tuscany inspired room. We really love their farm-to-table concept and even though it's a bit pricey, each main course already comes with your choice of dessert and appetizer. We had the lamb chop, chicken kebab, Amalfi prawns, and banana split. Needless to say, we'd love to be back.

Another favourite restaurant here is Morielli's Inn & Diner (Calamba Rd. Cor. St. Francis Dr.). Surprisingly, their menu consists of local dishes on top of some Italian and Mexican favourites. We had the Pampanga pizza and their signature pepper rice surprise and every morsel was delightful.

Another venue that deserves a mention on this list is the Mushroom Burger (Km.60 , Brgy. Kaybagal). We like to eat something healthy from time to time so we love veggie burgers. It's an old joint so don't expect a flashy interior. However, if you like guiltless eating then definitely check this place out. Don't forget to add on mushroom fries and mushroom smoothie to go along with your burger.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

What's a visit to Tagaytay without dropping by the famous Bag of Beans Cafe (115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West)? This place had become sort of a tourist stop now so its always packed and you might have to park farther away. That being said, it is always a pleasure coming here, the taste of their coffee has always been consistently good. We had the steak and mushroom pie and their unlimited house blend coffee and it never disappoints.

We won't usually recommend Starbucks to travellers since you can find it everywhere but this branch in Tagaytay is something special. The menu selection is pretty much the same but you come for the view here. Imagine sipping your cup of Joe while the fog is rolling in. Priceless! Definitely a perfect way to end your Tagaytay trip.