Siquijor Island Beaches

Siquijor Island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Philippines and not only tourists appreciate them – you will find locals as well enjoying the reefs and white sands of the idyllic shores.

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong is the most famous of the beaches on the island, and it is a great beach for a dip. It used to have water slides into the ocean but now just features cliff diving from differing heights into the ocean, if you’re an adrenaline junkie. The beach is located six kilometres north of Maria and is easy to reach by motorbike or jeepney. There is an admission fee of PHP25 to enter the beach.

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach is northwest of the city of San Juan and boasts crystal clear waters. In addition to great snorkelling, and there are great views of Apo Island across the water. The beach is located 1 kilometre from the parking lot, so be ready for a small hike to reach it. If the beach is too crowded, do not despair. If you walk to the west, you will stumble across more private and less crowded white sand beaches. Many connoisseurs will tell you that the best diving on the island is at Paliton Beach.

Kagusuan Beach

Kagusuan Beach is a beach that is a good fit for adventurers. It is a remote beach and requires a drive through the woods to arrive at its shores, but given its remoteness, it is very quiet and well worth the trip. The rocky shores attract lots of fish and even though there is no coral, there will be lots of fish. Because the beach is generally so empty, it also makes for a great place to take photographs.

Siquijor Port Beach

Siquijor Port Beach is located directly next to the ferry terminal. If you simply cannot wait to bury your feet in the sand upon getting off your boat, head for this beach. The waters are clear and the lush forest provides a beautiful backdrop. While there may be some locals there dropping off their family or friends at the ferry, if you don’t go while the boats are leaving or coming in, you should have the beach all to yourself!

San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach is a beach within walking distance from San Juan city and features many resorts in the area. The beach is renowned for its snorkelling and scuba diving and if you are staying at one of the resorts, they often give their guests free snorkelling and scuba gear.

Coco Grove Beach

If you are looking for a real adventure, try checking out the Coco Grove Beach on Apo Island.

Apo Island is a tiny island closer to the mainland than it is to Siquijor. You will need to take a boat from Siquijor to reach it and the trips can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the speed of your boat. Apo is famous for its rock formations and beach resorts. Coco Grove Beach has a number of resorts in the vicinity as well, and if you are interested in staying on the island, these resorts offer aqua activity centres which take guests on snorkelling and scuba diving trips for prices included in their room package. Or, of course, you can just sit with your feet in the sand at Coco Grove Beach.

As the name suggests, there are plenty of coconut trees on the beach, wonderful views, and the services of the resorts a few steps away if you get hungry. Because it is a far trip from the mainland, the beach is often less crowded than the Siquijor Island beaches even though there are resorts in the vicinity.