Coron Town and Busuanga Things to Do

We have it on good authority, that all visitors of the Philippines envisioned themselves sipping an icy drink on white, sandy beaches or diving beneath the warm, turquoise waves immediately after booking their flight ticket. Fortunately, these fantasies along with other water-based dreams can be brought to tangible fruition for travellers of Coron Town. World-class scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and wreck exploration are all commonplace and plentiful off the beautiful Busuanga Island.

Wreck diving

Especially well known for its truly astounding wreck diving just off the coast, many divers flock to Coron Town as the location is ideally situated as a jumping point to all of these marine adventures.

Nestled at the bottom of the sea lies eleven sunken WW2 shipwrecks, several on the southwest side of Busuanga and one at the north east. Dive wreck tours occur daily and are a very easy way of seeing the main attractions. It is also possible for travellers to hire a private boat to visit the wreck sites around Coron Bay. One will need to haggle on the price but it should cost around PHP2000 for the day. Be advised however, that entrance into most of the attractions is not included and each cost around PHP100 to PHP200.

One can also include a morning trip to the market for fresh fish before hiring a boat. Your fish can often be barbequed on the boat if you ask the boatman. Bring along some fruits, veggies and drinks and you can indulge in a tropical feast on one of the beaches.


Aside from the historical, sunken wonders, Busuanga is home to majestic limestone cliffs, exceptional coral reefs, crystal-clear waters and forests of gently waving palm trees. Island-hopping tours are all the rage in Coron Town and many travellers spend their days out at sea exploring the nearby aquatic gems and immaculate beaches.

There are endless combinations of island-hopping tours embarking off the nearby Busuanga Island including the world renowned Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Smith Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Las Islas de Coral and CYC Beach to name a handful of spots. Tour prices vary in price but seem to be from PHP700 to PHP2500 per person for the day, and generally include lunch on a dreamy beach.

City Tours

For those who are looking for things to do within Coron Town itself rather than venturing to the nearby islands, there is an excellent half-day tour package which neatly covers a variety of sights, cultural experiences and major landmarks. It costs PHP700 and covers the public market, Town Plaza, Lualhati Park, a couple of souvenir Shops, St. Augustine Church, Harbour Center and Cashew Harvest.

Included in this tour is also the not to be missed Maquinit Hotsprings and the gorgeous view from Mount Tapyas View Deck. Affordable, easy and a great way to support the local economy, this comprehensive tour is a win-win for all.

Hot Springs

As mentioned above, if you’re keen for something refreshingly outdoorsy, one can head on over to Maquinit Hotsprings, one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world. Tucked away in a lush, mangrove forest, the warm, salty water is ideal for those who have just ended an island-hopping tour or those who have trekked to the summit of Mt. Tapyas. The hot springs are open from 10am until 10pm and the entrance fee is PHP200.

Hiking Mount Tapyas

Those who have a love for photography, outdoor hikes or spectacular viewpoints should set out to conquer the 700 steps leading to the summit of Mount Tapyas. At the top one will be richly rewarded with a panoramic view of the surrounding islands peering out from emerald, glass-like water. Sunsets from this viewpoint are also straight out of a Disney movie and with a frosty San Miguel in hand this is the perfect moment to toast your exhausted efforts in making it to the top.