Things to Do in Bacolod

Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, bird-watching, zip-lining and more: is Bacolod n your bucket-list already?

Trekking Mount Kanlaon Natural Park

Recruiting all adventure junkies! If you love exhilarating and exhausting hiking challenges then the 3-day trek to the highest peak in Central Visayas, Kanlaon Volcano is for you. This rich, lush environment offers the bonus element of adrenaline once you fully comprehend that this volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the whole of the Philippines. There is also the “Killing Me Softly” trail on the second day that avid mountaineers might enjoy putting on their adventure resumés. Permits for hiking the nearby Mount Kanlaon Natural Park can be acquired in Bacolod at the Office of the Park Superintendent. The price for the 3-day trek, inclusive of transport, registration and environmental fees is P500 per person with AdvenTours.

However, if you are a traveller who is adverse to potential ankle blisters and excessive exercise while on holiday, (and justifiably so), then fear not, this nature park has other alternatives. An abundance of wild flowers and birdsong can be enjoyed at one’s leisure while taking tranquil walks around the green, fertile forest. The bewitching Kipot Twin Falls can also be found in Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. Arriving at the viewing deck entails a rather lengthy walk down 220 stairs, but once enraptured with the thundering water, all aches and pains will promptly disappear. Located near these falls is a summer resort that is ideal for forest picnics, swimming and nature activities.

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Just a 35-minute drive from Bacolod City lies a lush oasis of naturally warm sulphur dipping pools, as well as 7 waterfalls and a boating lagoon. This Japanese designed resort caters for all travellers; whether you are wanting to trek to the waterfalls, zip-line across the lagoon, canoe across the turquoise water or visit a spa, this is the spot for you. One can also delight in the butterfly garden, swim, bike, walk or simply soak your muscles in the warm pools. Restaurants and accommodation are also on offer.

Entrance prices for adults are PHP50 and children PHP20 and the park opens at 8am for day visitors.

Unwind at Bantug Lake Ranch

If you’re needing some fresh air and a peaceful submersion in nature, take a 30-minute taxi or jeepney from Bacolod, put down your cell phone and relax at Bantug Lake Ranch. This ranch is perfect for camping, fishing, boating, horse riding or having a picnic under a canopy of trees. The ranch is open from 8am – 6pm daily. Entrance fee is a reasonable PHP50 per guest.

Adventuring at Campuestohan

Just 45 minutes from Bacolod City lies the adrenaline-fueled dreams of all adventure and outdoor enthusiasts - Campuestohan Highland Resort. It has a comprehensive array of rides focused exclusively on keeping you entertained, excited and cheerfully exhausted. There is the cable hamster wheel, a 4-lane sky bicycle, a carousal, a building shaped like a shoe, zip-lining, rope-courses, a hanging bridge, water rides, a super-sized swimming pool and the biggest gorilla statue in the country. The list of activities goes on. And on. And on.

Operating hours are from 7am-6pm. You can attend the park as a day visitor for PHP150, or alternatively, if 12 hours still isn’t sufficient for your adventurous soul, then you can stay in the park overnight and do it all again the next day.

Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation

Flying foxes, spotted deer, warty pigs, Visayan leopards and a beautiful assortment of birds are just some of the endangered animals that visitors will spot at this non-profit foundation. The leafy, green surrounds offer a place of peaceful tranquillity from the lively city.

Popular with animal and nature lovers, it is an inspiring source of information on the conservation of vegetation and animals prevalent to the Philippines. Local and international visitors are encouraged to get involved in the organization by adopting an animal or tree and volunteering.

Opening times are between 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4.30pm Monday – Saturday. Entrance fees are very reasonable at PHP25 for adults and PHP15 for children. Guided tours given by wide-smiled tour guides are also an option for travellers wanting the inside scoop or some pleasant company.