Cameron Highlands Things to Do

Holding the interest and captivation of researchers and naturalists from all over the globe, the Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s top tourist destinations for those wanting a reprieve from city life and a peaceful submersion into nature. With world-class trekking, waterfalls, tea plantations and strawberry farms spread across the hills and valleys, there are wonderful things to do no matter where your interests.

There are many tour operators who offer various tour packages hitting a few of the tourist attractions in the area. Prices are all largely similar and you, and those in your travel party, can work out which tours are best suited to your personal needs and take it from there. Independent travelling to the various sights is also possible but frequently works out to be more expensive.


Trekking is hands down one of the top things to do in the Cameron Highlands and with the many beautiful trails catering for all levels of fitness and stamina, it’s clear to see why many visitors come to the highlands just for this. There are numerous trails around Tanah Rata and Brinchang ranging from gentle 30 minute strolls to the picturesque waterfalls and temples, to more challenging four hour treks through thick jungle vegetation. Independent trekking as well as trekking with a guide are on offer, trails are numbered and maps are available at the tourist information centers.

The nearby waterfalls are Robinson Waterfall and Parit Waterfall and provide much needed refreshment and tranquility after a trek. Hikers can expect to see a variety of plant life, snakes, birds and insects along the trails. Bring along plenty of water, snacks, sturdy footwear, a local map and a sense of adventure.

Boh Tea Plantation

Being the tea-capital of the country, it is highly unlikely that visitors will leave the highlands without at least one cup of local tea. Boh Tea Planation is the largest tea producer in Malaysia with the biggest combined acreage of tea gardens. There are three large plantations across Ringlet and Brinchang and all worth a visit. The massive expanse of luscious greens are truly breathtaking and with a cup of tea and a slice of cake in hand, standing at the viewing deck of the plantation will leave you at peace with the world. If you’re interested in doing more than savoring a fresh scone and a cuppa, you can also visit the on-site factory and take a peek at the manufacturing process.

If visiting the northern plantation, do not miss the onsite teahouse with breathtaking views over endless rolling hills covered with tea bush. The teas sold in their shop are offered at the same prices which you will find in shops in Tanah Rata but the variety is larger, especially of those most expensive ones.

Strawberry farms

What could go better with homemade scones than thick slathers of cream and strawberry jam? With the cool climate and rich soil, strawberries flourish and prosper here in the Cameron Highlands year round. This makes a trip to a strawberry farm an excellent way to spend a peaceful afternoon. The majority of the strawberry farms are concentrated in Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm. Leisurely strolls through the plantations, strawberry picking and dining at the on-site cafes and restaurants are the treats on offer for those interested. The popularity of the strawberry trade has also stirred up a frenzied appeal for strawberry souvenirs in the form of pillows, keychains, toys and the likes, which the highlands churn out in fruity abundance.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden and the neighboring Butterfly Farm are both fun places to visit during your stay in Cameron. Both have gardens of shrubs and flowers richly populated with the beautiful winged creatures fluttering about. The Butterfly Farm has a zoological wing where snakes, insects and lizards are displayed in enclosures; and the Butterfly Park has an aviary, small petting zoo and a reptile exhibit on site. There are also restaurants at both spots serving delicious meals, snacks and beverages and both are open daily from 8am to 5:30am. Tickets cost MYR 5 per adult and MYR 2 per child.

Note that Butterfly farm often receives contradictory reviews with some visitors complaining on poor conditions in which insects are kept. We did not visited it for this reason. Also, we guess, that if you have Penang’s Entopia behind your shoulders, you can skip Cameron’s butterflies.

Whitewater rafting

While strawberries or butterflies offer pleasant and enjoyable opportunities for visitors of Cameron, it is unlikely that these activities will cause one’s heart to pound in thrilling excitement. For visitors looking for more of an adrenalin-inducing activity during their stay in the highlands, be sure to check out the whitewater-rafting tours on offer. Kang Adventure Tours offers an exhilarating whitewater-rafting tour through the rainforest from 9am until 2:30pm. The tour includes an English speaking guide, certificate, equipment, lunch and entrance fees and costs MYR 155 per person (minimum of two people). For an additional MYR 50 rafters can also visit Tempurung Cave.