Cameron Highlands Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

The Cameron Highlands is generously sprinkled with various accommodation options varying from budget, mid-range and first-class luxury for those who are looking to splurge. As a results of being a tourist hotspot, fortunately means that there is an abundance of lodging options in the highlands from hostels, hotels, inns, camping and even bungalows and full apartments on offer. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast included are common with air-con and self-catering kitchen facilities being something of a rare find. Being that Tanah Rata and Brinchang are the two most popular destinations in the Cameron Highlands, these areas will be the focus of the accommodation recommendations.

In general we found that budget accommodation in Cameron Highlands does not present a good value. It often worth investing some extra MYR 20 to have a much nicer room. On average the cheapest double rooms with ensuite bathroom start from MYR 60 on weekdays. And they are generally not very appealing.


For those looking to save their pennies rather than indulge in luxuries, Daniel’s Lodge (also known as Kang’s Traveler’s Lodge) is a pleasant and centrally situated dormitory three minutes from the Tanah Rata bus station. With the nightly bonfires, free Wi-Fi, pool table, restaurant, games, movies and a garden this accommodation offers excellent value for money for backpackers and budget travellers. Prices for a dorm bed start at MYR 8 and bedrooms with shared bathrooms start at a mere MYR 20 per night. An all round win-win!

Getting another nod of approval for those looking for affordable sleeping options, is Brinchang Hotel located on the main road in the centre of Brinchang. While this hotel is nothing flashy, it is extremely affordable and very close to shops, restaurants and the night market. Cheap, basic and good. Note though, that there is much more action in Tanah Rata in the evening – well, at least you find quite a few shops to browse and a good variety of restaurants to choose from. Brinchang is much quieter – do not expect any form of nightlife – or rather restaurant or bar life – there.

A solid option for those who are looking to stretch their Ringgit, TJ Lodge in the centre of the Tanah Rata action, is clean, affordable and homey. With the complimentary tea and coffee, hot water showers, cozy movie room and a warm and welcoming host, the MYR 60 a night is a definite bargain as far as accommodation options go.

For travellers looking for a more unique sleeping experience, Gunung Irau offers overnight camping at one of the highest peaks alongside Gunung Brinchang. This outdoorsy experience can be arranged by Kang Tours and Travel in Tanah Rata with all camping equipment being provided as well as the option of a tour guide. It’s tricky to say how much this will cost as there are various packages that one can choose from including many other sightseeing and tourist activities; however, all in all it provides good value for money and the opportunity to have a very memorable and special experience in the Cameron Highlands.


Veering into more of the mid-range price bracket is Snooze Hotel in Brinchang. With the welcoming atmosphere and good location, this hotel offers a very pleasant and enjoyable stay. Very nearby to delicious restaurants, clean and cosy décor and with warm and friendly staff it would be difficult to go wrong with spending a night at Snooze. At around MYR 180 per night, this is a wonderful spot to catch some Z’s after a tiring and rewarding day of trekking and exploring the Cameron Highlands.

Century Pines Resort is another moderately priced and highly recommended accommodation choice for those in Tanah rata. The peaceful and tranquil oasis is set against the backdrop of lush greenery, melodic birdsong, elegant interiors and a handy four minute walk from Tanah Rata bus station. This resort offers its guest numerous spectacular facilities such as its VIP Meeting Room, the Patio Restaurant, a spa, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, the Pavilion Lounge and even a Grand Ballroom. All rooms come with a balcony or terrace, cable TV, mini bar, Wi-Fi and mini refrigerator. Prices start from MYR 150 per night for a double room. Situated nearby to the Rose Farm, Night Market, Boh Tea Plantation and only 1km from the Jungle Track, this resort promises a relaxing, convenient and satisfying stay.

Top End

For visitors who are looking to splash out on accommodation in the Cameron Highlands, you’ll be happy to know that there are many high-end and luxurious accommodations to choose from. Cameron Highlands Resort is arguably the grandest place to stay in the highlands and prides itself on its majestic colonial architecture, bespoke furniture and its elegant and impeccably tasteful décor with exquisite attention to detail. Famous for being located on the beautiful green golf course, the resort’s stylish Tea Room, the high-beamed ceilings, French doors and polished timber floors, one cannot help but feel as if you’ve been transported into a different era entirely. Rooms start at around MYR 600 and the resort is situated on the golf course in Tanah Rata.