Udaipur India – Best Places to Eat and Dishes to Try

Indian cuisine is celebrated for its variety and due to the great area of the country there are many diverse regional cuisines, differing even within the regions or states themselves. Rajasthan is a large state, typically known for its arid conditions, also reflected in the local diet. Rajasthani cuisine is based on gram flour, lentils and various types of grains. It also boasts delicious deserts and sweet treats famous throughout the world. Udaipur has few its own specialties, otherwise it holds similarities with the regional cuisine of Rajasthan.

Traditional dishes from Udaipur

When it comes to the most representative dish of Udaipur and Rajasthan as well, the first thing to come to mind is probably dal baati churma. This interesting dish consists, as the name suggests, of three main components. Dal is a part made of spiced lentils and it is in a form of a gravy. Baatis are special dumplings made of whole wheat flour topped with ghee – clarified butter. And churma is a special form of sweet topping. Firstly, there are deep fried whole wheat balls that are then grinded into a thick powder, then flavoured with ghee and sugar. If you are in Rajasthan, and especially in Udaipur, you just must try this one. It reflects the local culture so well!

Another typical staple is called kadhi pakoda. Similarly to dal baati churma, it is also vegetarian, and its main ingredient is gram flour. It consists of gram flour dumplings in a gram flour gravy with curd (yoghurt) added in it. It is spicy and topped with fresh coriander leaves.

There is another classic dish made of gram flour called gatte ki subji. Again, the gram flour is used as a base for special rolled dumplings that are afterwards dipped into spicy gravy. These dishes are very simple but really delicious.

Papad ki sabji sounds quite ordinary but makes all the difference. The recipe includes papads – special sort of chips, roasted on a flame or in the oil – added to spicy tomato gravy. It is served with flattened breads such as roti, paratha or naan or even with rice if you prefer so.

If by this moment you are sure that everything is strictly vegetarian here, we will mention laal maans or red meat curry, usually served with missi roti. As the name prompts, this curry is heavy on meat and spicy red chillies with curd that balances the taste to just perfect levels. It comes nicele along with missi roti, bread made of wheat and gram flour.

Street food

Street food found in Udaipur is a mixture of street foods from various parts of India. Typical street food popular in Udaipur is kachori, deep fried pastry stuffed with lentils and usually served with spicy gravy. You can easily find a slightly diverse variation of this delicious dish – based on curd. Curd kachori are filled with yoghurt and served with a sweet topping. The most famous kachoris are sold at Shiv Shakti Chaat centre near Bapu Bazaar.

If you have sweet tooth then you should search for malai ghewar, typical Rajasthani sweet treat, made from ghee, flour and milk, fried in ghee or oil and served with sugar saffron syrup and topped with nuts, cardamom powder and rose petals. It is a somewhat strange sweet cake and definitely an acquired taste but give it a try because it is simply awesome.

If your way leads you to Fateh Sagar Lake then pop to Vinod Coffee House. It is not your typical street food stand but it serves coffee in clay mugs and sells variety of snacks such as sandwiches, pav bhajii etc.

Overall, along Pichola Lake and nearby the City Palace you can find numerous street food stalls and buffets literally everywhere so the best is to explore and try out if something catches your attention.

Local restaurants

There are so many restaurants and food stalls in Udaipur that it is difficult to name just few places. But if you wish to try a really good Indian food in a well-maintained and clean environment at a reasonable price then you should check White Terrace Restaurant at Gangaur Ghat. This is a rooftop restaurant with friendly and helpful staff.

If you are after delicious thali then we would recommend Natraj Restaurant, a bit off the way, but if you travel by train to or from Udaipur, then it comes very handy. Though there are other items on the menu, this restaurant is famous for its thali – an Indian platter dish which allows you to try various tastes on one plate.

Khamma Ghani Restaurant at Rang Sagar boasts a lovely ambiance and often serves groups as well. They serve Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine and you will find here a variety of cocktails, too. The sitting is very comfortable and the food is amazing.

Garden Restaurant near Vintage and Classic Cars Collection is popular for its fresh and tasty vegetarian thali. This is their main speciality plus the venue makes you get a real Rajasthani feel. They give you around 10 small bowls which, as should be common for thali places, are refilled until you are completely full. The price is very reasonable and the staff are nice and polite.

Cafes and coffee houses

Udaipur is quite a high-ranked destination and with the constant flow of tourists visiting it daily, there is a huge market for a proper cup of coffee. That is why you can find quite a lot of restaurants and cafes serving coffee of good – or even awesome – quality.

One of the chains, well known in India, is Cafe Coffee Day has three branches in Udaipur. They serve tasty hot and cold coffees, teas as well as cold drinks, pastries and snacks. Prices are very reasonable, too.

1O9 Cafe at Gangaur Ghat is a nice small cafe with a wide range of coffees, snacks and other items. They even offer soya milk, gluten free and vegan friendly items.

Just near Jagdish Temple there is another well rated cafe owned by a Greek lady – Udai Art Cafe. Coffee is really great there and there are other items on offer like pancakes, sandwiches or juices.

Bars and drinking in Udaipur

Udaipur is very cosmopolitan and therefore bars and restaurants where you can sit and have a nice drink with friends do not lack. They serve beer and other alcoholic drinks, cocktails included. There are numerous well-located venues many of which offer a splendid view and make for a great Insta opp.

Food tours

Udaipur has a lot of cooking classes on offer, usually run by local families. They provide simple touching demonstration of Indian recipes and teach you how to properly cook with local ingredients and spices. We recommend inquiring at Mamta Cooking Classes or Sashi Cooking Classes.

For those who wants to join a food tour or watch a demo cooking class there are options as well. Check out Udaipur Food Tour – they organise food tours and offer other tourist oriented products, too. Their food walks through the city usually last around 6 hours. They show you around the most popular markets, food hubs and make you try a variety of absolutely incredible dishes at renowned places, so no worries about food safety.

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