Jaipur India – Your Quick Travel Guide

In a nutshell

The capital of Rajasthan state is often called the Pink City because of the colour of the walls around the city. The city is full of impressive royal and historic architecture, traditional Rajasthan cuisine and many unusual activities you can take part in.

Why go to Jaipur

India is very interesting and attractive to travellers as it offers a diverse old culture. Jaipur isn’t at all different. Temples, gardens, rooftop restaurants, food markets and local food can be seen all around the city.

It’s very easy to explore the city by combining walking and public transportation. Another interesting way to explore the city and dip into the culture is by taking a private bike tour with a local guide.

One of the most epic things to do in Jaipur is to explore the royal home of elephants, Amber Fort. The city is literally filled with many rooftop restaurants that offer amazing city views. If you’re a type of traveller who loves adventure and learning about the culture, Jaipur has many tours and options for you. However, if you plan to have an extraordinary nightlife in Jaipur, don’t expect it as the city has only a decent nightlife scene. We would advise you to check a lounge-bar called Famous Discotheques that attracts young crowds.

When to go to Jaipur

It’s important that you plan your visit to Jaipur accordingly. The best time to visit the city is from October to March as the weather is a bit cooler combined with a breeze. The temperatures during the night can fall to 5 degrees Celsius. Believe us; you wouldn’t like to find yourself in Jaipur in the summer season.

Where to stay in Jaipur

Accommodation in Jaipur is easy to find and you have an excellent choice. Depending on your travelling style and budget, you can choose between very cheap and royal hotels.

It’s advisable to book the hotel before visiting the city as, depending on a season, the hotels may be full.

The best location to stay in Jaipur is around the city centre as everything is within walking distance. The majority of budget hotels have rooftop restaurants that offer stunning views and delicious food. Some of the general features you can expect are free Wi-Fi, parking, access to the pool/gym, a restaurant serving traditional food which is usually located on the rooftop, and A/C. If you want to have a royal experience while staying in Jaipur, just book a night in SujanRajhamal Palace.

Where and what to eat in Jaipur

Jaipur is the city that offers amazing traditional food from many Indian regions, but Rajasthani food is really outstanding. There are many restaurants to choose from in different price ranges and you can have a wonderful dining experience for a funny price there.

Exploring the city, you can notice many street food stands and food markets where you can enjoy local food that is delicious and cheap. If you want to try out traditional food prepared in the street, we advise you to check Sethi Bar Be Que and order their specialty – Chicken Tikka.

For people who want to have a special experience having a meal in the restaurant that is decorated like a palace, we recommend 1135 AD. The restaurant offers the Indian cuisine of different regions of the country. You should definitely try their MurgKadak Kebab stuffed with Indian herbs and chicken.

How to get around Jaipur

Exploring the Pink City is very easy as you have many options of transportation.

If you want to check out the attractions of the city, we advise you to take a walk through the Old City. There are many attractions and street food stands there.

The city doesn’t have a proper infrastructure for walking, so it’s better to take another form of transportation outside the Old City. Cheap options include a local bus, an auto rickshaw, a taxi, a car and a motorcycle.

The cheapest way to get from one place to another is by hiring an auto rickshaw, but the ride might be too long. We advise you to rent a motorbike to have complete freedom. The bike rent rate starts at 10INR/hour.

How to get in and from Jaipur

Jaipur has many options of travelling to or from the city, so it’s up to you to choose depending on the budget.

By air

The most popular way for people who plan to visit Jaipur is flying to Jaipur airport which is the biggest in Rajasthani region. The airport has great domestic flight connections, but you can also fly from many cities around the world. There is a huge chance that you’ll find cheap tickets, especially if you look for the last minute deals.

By train

If you’re already in India and want to spare some money to get to Jaipur, you should consider taking a train. Jaipur is well connected with other main cities in India via railway. The city has one main station (Jaipur Junction) and two smaller ones which are also perfect for getting around the city. The train is the cheapest but the slowest and not so comfortable option as the trains are often overcrowded.

By bus

Another great and cheap option to get in/out of Jaipur is taking a bus ride. You can take a daily bus that runs to or from major cities and the rates start at 150INR to reserve a seat. You can choose between A/C and non-A/C buses, but our friendly advice is to always make a reservation which will cost you 600INR.

By car

If you want to have complete freedom, rent a car. The rates start at 100INR/hour which is very affordable, but the main roads are full of holes and bumps, so don’t expect a comfortable ride.

Is Jaipur a safe place to visit?

Jaipur is generally a safe city to visit, but there are some problems you should be aware of. For example, the traffic is pretty bad, the water isn’t good for drinking and one can encounter thieves and scams in some places. General advice to stay safe is to use your common sense and not to go to secluded places alone during the night.