Kolkata Hotels and Resorts

Throughout the year Kolkata receives a steady influx of tourists from different parts of the world. Although the number of tourists is lower compared to Mumbai or New Delhi, luxury and budget hotels have been mushrooming during the last 6-7 years to cater for the growing demand of the visitors.

We had a hard time selecting a hotel during our trip to Kolkata as the city offers quite a diverse choice in the five-star, deluxe and budget hotels categories. The majority of the hotels in Kolkata enjoy the strategic location and sit very close to the shopping malls and major attractions.


Well, the main area you need to head to when looking some budget-friendly accommodation options Kolkata is definitely Sudder Street. From the first sight, the decaying properties dotting the area may look rather discouraging but be consistent in your searches and you’ll be rewarded. There are quite a few very decent basic but neat and clean rooms with rates starting from INR 800 and you are sure to have a company of like-minded fellow travellers to sip a glass of tea in the evening.

Note though that this area is somewhat seedy and drug dealers offering you a dose are a common sight here. If it looks a bit too much for you, then opt for the downtown area or the southern parts of the city.


There are many options in the city when it comes to mid-range accommodation. Hotel Samilton, for example, is a very modern looking hotel that promises homely comfort at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of service or rooms. The hotel has all the modern amenities and provides the best services. Located in the commercial hub of Kolkata, the room rates start from INR 2595.

We also came across a magnificent property near Park Street just opposite the iconic Shiraz Restaurant – Jameson Inn. The name of the hotel is quite misleading as it never looks like an inn from any angle. It’s rather an affordable hotel that offers spacious rooms with complimentary breakfast. They have 2 in-house restaurants and you can always have food at any of the dining places that are located in the vicinity of this hotel. The rooms in this hotel are available from INR 4300.

Top End

Kolkata is not bereft of luxury hotels and occupying the top position would be the Oberoi Grand. Located on Chowringhee Road, the hotel deserves each of its five stars as it is an oasis of calm and the touch of elegance and luxury is evident all over the place. The rooms have a royal feel to it and the poolside with the palms is a photographer’s delight. The refined dining space, the eloquent spa services and the highly professional staff make it the most sought after hotel in Kolkata. However, with rooms starting from INR 9600 this is definitely not one of the cheapest.

The newcomer to Kolkata’s hotel scene, JW Marriott (rates start from INR 11,520) is a luxurious 5 star property that opened its doors in 2017 and has already become very popular among the guests for its dining options, sophisticated rooms and poolside bar.

Those who are after nightlife delights might prefer to stay at The Park as it is the best choice for upmarket accommodation and very close to all the bars and pubs that you can find in the city. In fact, Park Street is home to a number of Raj era restaurants; so it is a good choice for foodies and nightlife enthusiasts. The entrance to the reception of this hotel is a bit bizarre as you need to walk through the café-deli to get there.

Staying in Kolkata in Style – Book a Room in a British-era Club

Kolkata is home to many colonial buildings and heritage places. So it is natural that some of these colonial buildings have been converted into hotels and a few British-era clubs have started letting out rooms for the tourists. The rates are quite reasonable (there are no published rates) and one will get high quality food and services in the premises apart from access to some of the club activities. Bengal Club on Russell Street and Saturday Club on Theater Road have lavish rooms at their disposal but they only accept bookings through their members. This rule is enforced strictly in all clubs but the whole effort of booking a room in any of these clubs or the more popular Tollygunge Club is worth every rupee as the tourists get a feel of the British style luxury and comforts.

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