Zamboanga Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

The number of accommodation options in Zamboanga is somewhat smaller than other tourist destinations in the Philippines, yet even so, with seemingly just a single digit number of true hotels in the city, travellers will be able to find viable options. There is at least one newly-built hotel for those who like to stay in the most comfortable options, but the most popular option for travellers seems to be B&Bs and guesthouses.


Zamboanga Town Home is a guesthouse that has air-conditioning, wifi, parking and no smoking allowed on the premises for just PHP1600 nightly. It’s a very popular option for backpackers who come to the Philippines and want a base to check out Zamboanga. Upon check-in, you will receive an amenity kit from the lovely staff who helps the family who owns the hotel. Although the majority of reviews of the hotel were more or less positive, there was at least once alleged incidence where someone from the housekeeping team stole cash from a visitor’s bag. There are no safes provided in the room so if you decide to stay here, it might be wise to take all of your valuables with you when you go out for the day. Certainly better safe than sorry!


One of the best options for lodging in Zamboanga is a bed and breakfast, as opposed to a more traditional, brick and mortar hotel. For instance, Casa Canelar Pension is a nice but no frills option, which costs around PHP2000 nightly, though some of the rooms allow smoking, which could be an issue for guests who are sensitive or have asthma or allergies. It’s a good idea to specify that you want a no smoking room in order to avoid any issues. In any event, guests say that rooms are clean and comfortable, and many of them, in reviews, expressed that they are returning for a second time. And, as the name bed and breakfast suggests, free breakfast is included in the rate.

A similar option are the Winzelle Suites, which is located next to the Gateway Mall in Zamboanga City. This hotel is a bit cheaper than the Casa Canelar, at around PHP1750, but is also a good deal newer and the rooms feel a bit more refreshed. It’s highly rated by guests and is in a central location, within walking distance to City Hall and other sites in the city. Wi-Fi is free, however there is no bar or restaurant on the site which means that you will have to find your meals, aside from breakfast, elsewhere. Again, breakfast is included in the room rate, though it is a very simple meal.

Top End

The aforementioned, newly-built hotel is the Garden Orchid hotel, which can be had for PHP5000 nightly. It features all of the amenities you would expect in a new hotel like Wi-Fi, a television with cable, and air conditioning. Unfortunately, while it is a perfectly decent option, this is the highest-class hotel in the city and the looking for premium resorts would be better advised to search elsewhere in the country.

Another hotel option is the Hacienda de Palmeras Hotel, which has a restaurant attached to the property. It’s located in a leafy, green neighbourhood of the city and the gardens and grounds of the hotel are a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Rooms are clean and quiet, and feature a television, a minibar, hot water showers, and breakfast is included. Rooms are around PHP4000 nightly and they’ll even pick you up at the airport!