Miri Tourist Attractions

Miri may be not the first destination which comes to your mind while thinking about Malaysia, but be sure that the array of sights and things to do in the vicinity is diverse and will keep you busy for quite a while.

In-city attractions

A piece of history that you don't expect to find around these parts is a significant artefact from the oil industry. Located on Canada Hill, the Grand Old Lady and the Petroleum Museum holds artefacts from and marks the existence of Shell's first ever oil well in the world! The museum is a wonderfully interesting few hours. The museum is open every day but Monday.

More culture of a largely different sort is a trip to the San Ching Tian Temple. It is the oldest Taoist temple in the whole of South-East Asia. This is a wonderful spot for photographers and travelling introspective. Bring your camera and your notebook and come and be at peace.
A fun and exciting part of visiting places in South East Asia are the markets that you find and explore.

Tamu Muhibah market does not disappoint. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the day to day life of the locals. Grab some exotic fruit, marvel at the rich colours of the rows and piles of vegetables and fill up your stomach with some local Sarawakian cuisine. Easy yes.

For sports enthusiasts

Those looking to put their handicap on the line can enjoy a picturesque walk around the greens at the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club. The course is pristine and trying - it has recently been cited in Malaysia's top 10 courses.

Being by the sea, Miri has attracted its fair share of travellers who think that “down where it’s wetter, oh baby, it's better”. There are a couple of dive schools that offer reputable and fair prices. Check out COCO Dive or Hoopa Diving to get yourself into a wetsuit and out into the big blue.

For nature enthusiasts

The Lambir National park is suited to travellers of all interests, age and demographic. Head on over with the family and have a relaxing picnic in the parks, or beside a stunning waterfall. The adventurous and physical should get involved with one of the many hiking routes in the park. The park is totally free to enter and is open almost every day. You wouldn't be thought mad to return for a second visit in your stay in Miri.

More extreme and significantly messy hikes are available along the slopes of Canada Hill. Trek your way through the dense overgrowth and allow the calmness of the enveloping forest to wash over you. Bring your shoes, bring your water, and bring your camera.

A truly special opportunity lies a few hundred kilometres out Miri. Gunung Mulu National Park is something of a natural wonder. The UNESCO Heritage site is home to incredible limestone and sandstone casts, the largest underground cave system known to man, amazing but challenging hikes, informative and eye-opening tours and just so much more. The park is as much the photographer’s dream as it is the adventure junkies'. The park is expensive however, and should be clearly planned out when coming to Miri.