Kuching Things to Do

There are a wealth of activities and things to do both in Kuching itself and surrounding areas. It is a brilliant place to use as a base for exploring Borneo more widely, and whether you are looking for adventure or a more relaxing experience you’re sure to find plenty to keep you busy.

Cooking classes

Starting off with the city itself, there are many activities that have been designed for tourists. Given the difference of the cuisine in this area to much of the rest of Malaysia, many choose to learn more about the history and cooking techniques that are used in local specialities.

There are cooking classes that will allow you to spend a half-day shopping at the local market, before preparing dishes which you’ll then enjoy for lunch – they typically cost from MYR120. There are several types of layer cakes that are very popular in the Sarawak region and it’s also possible to take a class to learn how to prepare these, so foodies will be very happy in Kuching.

Kuching spas and massage shops

Once you’ve enjoyed plenty of food, you can relax in Kuching at one of the many spas. These are generally offering high quality treatments and whilst not the most budget friendly of places, do give an opportunity to relax on your holiday with a massage or other treatment.

There are some traditional massage techniques that can often be found at these salons and are worth trying. For a somewhat different beauty experience, there are also a number of tattoo parlours that are popular with travellers - most offering local Sarawak style designs.


Popular workshops include those featuring local crafting techniques like Batik making, as well as those that take place at the local cultural villages.

Sarawak cultural village, for example, is a popular day out, and includes activities like learning traditional dances, playing musical instruments and various crafts. This is a really interesting way to spend a day if you want to learn more about local ways of life.

Exploring the jungle

Outside of the city, the real attraction here is the opportunity to explore the jungle for which Borneo is so famous. There are some brilliant ‘tribal’ experiences here, where you can visit the jungle and even stay for a night or two to get an immersive and fascinating experience.

The Tringuus for example, were a tribe notorious as warrior headhunters and it’s possible to learn a lot from how they lived in the jungle, from their use of plants to their hunter gatherer methods. Visiting the jungle for trekking and wild camping experiences is a popular way to experience a beautiful and intriguing part of the world.

When it comes to adventures in the jungle, there are many other tourist friendly activities, including 4 wheel drive activities, mountain biking and more. It’s possible to kayak or raft down the river and admire the stunning scenery and even to explore local caves.

Wildlife encounters

Finally, if it’s wildlife encounters that you’re looking for, there are many options here, both within and outside of the rainforest.

There are some good scuba diving sites locally, with the opportunity to dive with sea turtles and even to explore ancient ship wrecks.

Whilst the jungles of Borneo are probably most well known for their Orangutan population - which can be seen in rescues and rehabilitation centres. Semenggoh Orangutan Centre is well worth visiting, and is a great way to see and learn more about these amazing animals, as well as learning about the hard work by the team to try and protect the species from the many threats that they face.