Johor Bahru Tourist Attractions

The sights of Johor Bahru together create a cultural and natural feast. Architecture that tells stories and unique ideas in all the world are to found and enjoyed in your time here.

An opportunity to explore the city centre should be seized with both hands. Several entertainment centres and shopping malls are dotted around to keep you busy while your eyes wander. Feast your eyes upon the batik prints and brilliantly crafted brass work of local craftsmen. Fill up your tank with the savoury and sweet local delights of the street-side vendors.

Explore Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee is a street different from the rest. The street is home to retro cafés, antique shops, and several colonial style buildings, while others have distinct Chinese influence. Open-air karaoke fills the air and games of checkers are played on the sides of the street. Keep your eyes wide open to experience the entirety of this street and revel in the cultural complexity of it all.

Visit JB religious monuments

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is an architectural beauty. It stands proud at the top of a hill in the downtown district, bearing testament the modernization of Johor Bahru in the late 1800’s. It is a fantastic blend of Moorish and Victorian styles and makes for a fascinating subject for conversations and photographs alike. The mosque is free to attend and is easily reachable from the city center by taxi, costing around MYR 3 per trip.

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple is the first of its kind in the entire world. The building is adorned, wherever you may look, with beautiful glass that glimmers and sparkles as light passes through the temple. A staggering 300,000 glass pieces of various shades line the pillars, roof, and floors! It really is quite a dumbfounding feat. The temple is open from 1pm to 5pm for tourists, while we suggest going as late as possible to avoid the crowds. The temple is on Lorong 1 Road and is best accessible by taxi. Entrance per person is MYR 10.

Add some optical illusions to your day

A fun place to spend a morning with the family is the Mini Kuso Trick Art Gallery. The gallery is packed with interesting 3D art and optical illusions that will keep you and the kids entertained for a good few hours. The gallery is on the corner of Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2 with tickets priced at MYR 20 per head.

Set off for a firefly tour

Next up, a nature inspired activity that will make you value your sight, existence, and place in the universe. The Firefly Valley Leisure Park is an experience that really cannot be missed! While the science behind their luminescent bodies may become clear to you, the mystique somehow intensifies as you witness their buzzing and flickering as they fly at an arm’s reach away from you. The park offers even more than this though, with a fantastic picnic area, children’s playground, beautiful walkways, a mini farm, camping ground, and an excellent restaurant, the park has got everything you could want. The park is located 3km after the junction on the road toward Kota Tinggi Town. A ticket into the park costs a mere MYR 18, which even includes your place on a ride down the river!