Mysore India – 10 Best Hostels, Hotels and Resorts to Stay

A lot of travellers make the mistake of just visiting Mysore for a day and heading out to other places. But there are a lot of things which one must experience to get a taste of Mysore. Which is why we recommend that you spend at least a couple of days here. There are a lot of options to stay in Mysore ranging from low budget facilities to high end hotels.

Where to look for accommodation

There are a few accommodation hubs in Mysore. The obvious one being the area close to the railway station where there are a lot of options to choose from. Another area which is very convenient for staying is north of the Mysore palace. It is a very convenient place to stay as there are many beautiful places to visit nearby and there are also easy transportation facilities to get to anywhere in Mysore.


One of the features of Mysore is that it attracts a lot of people who stay here for a considerable amount of time to learn and practice Yoga. And since many of them are students, there are a number of cheap accommodation options to choose from.

The Sonder hostel is one of the most popular choices for budget stays in Mysore. The best part about it is that there are only 16 beds, so it is never too crowded and we got to interact with the other guests on a personal level and shared our stories with them. It is located in Jayalakshmipuram and has a number of café and hotels nearby along with an extensive library on the property itself. Prices start from INR 500 per night.

Another very good option for the budget traveller in Mysore is The Mansion. This 100 year old residence has beautiful columns and wood work and shows the amalgamation of Indian and British architecture. The property has been renovated and now offers all modern amenities including a fully functional kitchen and wifi. Prices start from INR 550 per night and the staff is very helpful and co-operative.

Located just 1 km from the railway station, the Ganesh Prasad Lodge is a very convenient option for travellers. With fully furnished rooms and facilities like Wifi and LCD TVs, it is a good place to explore Mysore from. The hotel also arranges for travel around the city and the room service is pretty decent and you can get virtually any kind of help here. A non-AC single room here costs just INR 525 per night and it is a good place for a solo traveller to have a comfortable stay.

Another budget friendly option in Mysore is Hotel Ayodhya. Located very close to the Suburban bus stand, major tourist attractions like the Mysore Palace, Karanji Lake and Lalitha Mahal are very close to Hotel Ayodhya and you can get transportation pretty easily. The hotel offers good services including room service, surveillance, car rental assistance and sightseeing facilities. The rooms are pretty clean and functional with intercom, TV and attached bathroom with toiletries. The pricing starts from INR 1000 for this place and it is a very convenient place if you want to explore Mysore.


Being one of the top tourist hubs in India, many families also come here for a vacation. And as such, there are plenty of options to enjoy a great vacation here.

The Young Island resort is one such place which is situated on the Geetha Road and is quite close to the Rangantittu bird sanctuary. It is a charming little resort with independent cottages surrounded by greenery. The resort has a lot of activities like swimming pool, gym, volleyball, pool table and a spa where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The restaurant here is also pretty nice serving cuisines from all over India and there is also a bar cum restaurant where we enjoyed having a few sips while we ate. The resort has all modern amenities to make for a very enjoyable stay and the prices start from INR 2200 for a room.

Another great place to enjoy a good time with your family is the Cute resort. The place actually lives up to its name with interesting lighting and choice of paints. The rooms in the resort are well furnished and have all modern facilities like swimming pool, conference rooms, gym and a games room. It is located in Srirangapatna and has efficient room service. The place has 10 well furnished rooms with study tables, TV and hot/cold water facilities. There is a 24 hour reception and the staff is very helpful and co-operative. Prices start from INR 1800 per night here.

The Country Inn and Suites by Carlson is also a good option for a stay with family. It is located in the Hebbal area and has some very good facilities. There is a spa, a 24 hour health club, a café and 3 restaurants. There is also a poolside bar where you can luxuriously sip on your favourite alcohol. They also provide shuttle facilities for travelling in and around the city. The rooms are spacious are very well maintained. You can get a room here from INR 3200 and upwards.

Another very good place to stay in Mysore is the Ginger Hotel. It is located quite close to the Mysore Zoo and Mysore Palace. The place offers fitness centres, café, meeting room, dry cleaning and free Wifi. The rooms are kept very tidy and a lot of emphasis is paid on the cleanliness here. They also have a pretty efficient room service along with a mini bar and the Ginger Hotel is a good place to explore Mysore from. The prices start from INR 1800 per night.

Top end

If you are looking for luxury while travelling to Mysore, there are a number of high end hotels where you get the best of amenities and comfort.

One very good option is the Royal Orchidwhich is located next to the Brindavan Gardens. Try to get a room which overlooks the garden as it offers a very pretty sight. The rooms are large and very comfortable. There are all modern amenities here from TV, Electronic Safe, balcony, spa, swimming pool and what’s more is that it is a pet friendly hotel. So if you cannot stand being separated from your 4 legged friends, the Royal Orchid is an option you can definitely try out. The place offers really good food in its restaurants and you can enjoy a fine dining experience here. The prices start from INR 6000 per night and go upwards depending on the kind of room you are choosing.

The Lalitha Mahal Palace is another option you can try out. The place looks and feels like it belongs to royalty and once upon a time, it actually did. It was built by the Maharaja of Mysore to host the viceroy of India and the rich, intricate palace feels like it belongs in fairy tales. The rooms in the hotel are luxurious to say the least and are worth experiencing. All modern facilities like health clubs, games room, personal valet and even a Helipad is available here. The prices start from INR 6000 for a night and the Laitha Mahal is a good place to enjoy a slice of the luxury life.

Mysore has many other accommodation options as well but this list contains some of the best options that the city has to offer.

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