Mysore India – Best Places to Eat and Dishes to Try

In all of our travels, the place where our vegetarian friends feel most happy is Mysore. Being a hub of Yoga and Brahmins, there are many vegetarians in the city and because of that, the vegetarian cuisine is especially good. There are non-vegetarian options also, but the food of Mysore is so good that we don’t mind going vegetarian for a few days ourselves.

What to expect

Mysore food is to a large extent based on Udupi cuisine. Which means that rice based food is very abundant here. And so are the spices which makes it a very nice blend of flavours.

Dishes to try

Dosas, Idlis and Vadas are staple food here and with a mix of sambhars, different varieties of chutneys and little experimentations make for a sumptuous meal anytime of the day. Be it set dosas, rawa dosa, Maligae idli, thatte idli or Vada, most restaurants in Mysore will serve these delicacies. Apart from that, the Bondas and the bhajjis are a favourite snack here. Rice based dishes like Chitranna, Bise Bele bhaat, Vangibath and Pulliyoigrae are also very famous here and make for a good fulfilling meal.

A few good places where you can find these dishes are the Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Pataka-Mannar’s, Kolhapuri Bhel, Gokul Chat King and Chatori Street. In fact, most places in Mysore would have these delicacies but the area around the Mysore Palace is famous for its food and you must also visit Sri Harsha road where you will find a number of good eating places.

One of the most famous sweets not just in Mysore but in India as well is the Mysore Pak. And when there is a sweet named after a city, you can expect it to satiate anyone with a sweet tooth and Mysore does just that. Apart from the Mysore Pak, Holige, Rave Unde, Chiroti, Kosambri are some of the wonderful sweets on offer here. Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets, Bombay Tiffanys and Guru sweets are some places where you will get the best of sweets in Mysore.

Local restaurants

There are some really good restaurants in Mysore which you should visit to get an idea of what the food scene in Mysore is all about.

The Vinayaka Mylari restaurant is about 80 years old and boasts of the Mylari dosa which the locals swear by. It supposedly contains some secret ingredient and no amount of coaxing by us made the chef reveal it! In fact, the place is so legendary that it is often the first recommendation that locals give in terms of food. The place, like its dishes, are simple and wonderful. Served on traditional banana leaves, this gem of a place in Nazarbad main road is a must visit. The place is very easy on the pocket and a meal would cost INR 150 here.

Hotel RRR is another iconic and must visit eateries in Mysore. With a limited seating of only 50, the place is usually always packed and it is best to go a little early to get a table. And the fact that it is one of the places in Mysore which caters to the meat eating population, it is all the more famous. Its Biryani is no doubt the star dish, but mutton and fish fry and curries are also raging favourites. The food is known for its traditional Andhra roots and is served on a banana leaf. Located near the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Chamrajpur, Hotel RRR is also pretty easy on the pocket and a meal would cost around INR 200.

Anima Madhva Bhavan is a great place to try some authentic Mysore cuisine and is a haven for vegetarians and vegans. What is special about Anima Madhva Bhavan is that they are strictly against commercial ingredients like baking soda or palm oil, and gives the authentic taste of its ingredients. The ambience is also pretty exciting with low tables and floor cushions and the waiters enjoy making you eat. So be firm and say no when your stomach is about to burst, because they treat you like house guests and will never tire from feeding you. Located on Vani Vilas Mohalla, a meal would cost around INR 250.

Mahesh Prasad is another place where you will get a typical South Indian eating experience. It has a very loyal consumer base and we ran into many people who would be willing to travel long distances just to visit it. The menu is pretty interesting and you should try out the Khara Bath, Vangi Bath and Pongal. The cost for a meal here would come to about INR 150.

A great food experience is By the Way, a place inspired by the Goan shacks with outdoor seating besides a waterfall pond. They also have well designed play areas where children have a ball and it serves Chinese, Continental and Sea Food as well if you are in the mood for a change. Situated in Vijay Nagar, a meal here would cost around INR 400.

Western and international food

Mysore has a large influx of foreign tourists and so there are many options for trying out international cuisines as well here.

Spring, the restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel, is one such place where one can get Continental food along with Indian dishes. They have lovely buffets and also have a special kids menu. And if you want a little bubbly with your meal, there is a well-stocked bar as well. The cost for a meal here comes to around INR 900 per person.

Hakka is another place for those who want something different from the Mysore cuisine. It serves some delicious Chinese food and the Tao special noodles and Momos are really good. It is a hard place to find though, but the manager usually keeps a couple of his employees on the streets to help guide visitors. Located in Vijaynagar, you can get a meal for INR 400 here.

La Petite France is the place to head to in Mysore for experiencing some French cuisine. It has a funky café atmosphere and is known for its snacks like sandwiches, soups and pancakes. There is also free Wifi here so you can upload all those memorable Mysore pictures to your friends here.

Bars and other drinking venues

Although Mysore is not really known for its pub scene, there are a few places where you can enjoy a nice drink or two. Velvet Lounge, Alankar bar, Neptune and Vineyard are some of the places you should head to if you are in the mood for some alcohol.

Cafes and coffee houses

Mysore is a nice place to just sit back with a cup of coffee and friends. Places like Depth N Green, Khushi Café, Tina’s café and Brewberry’s café offer some great coffee and lovely conversations. Café Cornucopia in Vijay Nagar offers good food along with the coffee and plays some great music. The staff is also very friendly and you wouldn’t mind spending an entire afternoon here just lazing around.

The food scene in Mysore is pretty good if you are into South Indian cuisine. And in the off chance that you aren’t, there are plenty of options to choose from. But we do recommend giving the Udupi cuisine a try as they are a delightfully healthy food which will not leave you complaining in the morning.

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