Mumbai India – Top Thrilling Things to Do

Mumbai can easily be considered one of the busiest cities in Asia. It can be an overwhelming experience for some, but for most it’s enthralling. The enthusiasm and liveliness of the city and its residents are so encouraging that you just cannot resist getting inside this melting pot to experience everything it has on offer. Here’s a list of activities we tried and can recommend you to get most of your trip to Mumbai .

A visit to Bollywood

Mumbai is best known for its film industry which produces the highest number of movies across the world. No trip here is complete without witnessing the splendour of Mumbai’s movie-making machinery. The tour (organized by multiple tour operators like Viator) will take you from your hotel and transport you to the magical world of one of the many filming locations where you can witness the action in person. You will then be taken to the backstage to see behind-the-scenes process of a Bollywood movie production including meeting some of the popular actors up close. This is the best time to get jiggy with the stars and earn serious bragging rights. You can also drive down to the neighbourhood where the movie stars live and see the palatial bungalows that are homes to national and international film personalities.

Shopping extravaganza on a budget

The city with its charming and colourful amalgamation of cultures is often referred to as the fashion capital of India. But apart from the couture and runway-inspired boutiques, Mumbai also has an eclectic affordable fashion bazaar, known as the fashion street. While there are clusters of streetside shopping arcades across the town, the biggest one is Fashion Street which is located in Mahatma Gandhi Radd between Cross and Azad Maidans.

A true bang for your buck, this budget shopper’s delight is a long stretch of stalls selling clothes, shoes, bags and other trinkets at dirt-cheap prices. We also picked up a variety of souvenirs and pieces from Colaba Causeway which is short ride away from Fashion Street and offers an equally exciting display of colourful baubles. You can buy a whole bag full of clothes and other decorative items in INR 2000- INR 5000.

Bar hopping in Bandra

Besides the rich history and architecture Mumbai also boasts one of the most buzzing drinking and nightlife scenes in India. Bandra sits at the cusp of the fanciful and hectic downtown area and a more relaxed Suburban Mumbai, and hence offers the perfect mix of both. With mostly young and entrepreneurial population who love to work hard and party even harder, this part of town has plenty of great drinking places to enjoy a night-out.

You can start with a local watering hole called Janata Lunch Home (dress code – extremely casual!) and make your way up to The Daily Bar and Kitchen for the wonderful cocktails. Next move on to Bonobo where you can also enjoy a live band performing or just a few chilled drinks with Mumbai’s most happening lot. End up your evening with a finger-licking Indian feast at Mini Punjab. The best part of this is that everything is either a walking distance or a short tuk-tuk ride away.

Sailing in the Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is nothing short of magic and we couldn’t have left Mumbai without introducing ourselves to its opulent waters. For adventure and nature lovers, a boat trip is the perfect way to soak in the beauty of the ocean while enjoying the distant views of the metropolis. The tour starts from Gateway of India where you have to board a speedboat to be transported to the yacht and lasts up to two hours. The company of an experienced sailor and skipper ensures you have a great experience. We loved this endless blue seas and the rim of horizon seen in the distance. The tour costs around INR 1800 and can be booked on Thrillophilia online.

Cycling in South Mumbai

There is something fascinating about Mumbai that cannot be fully experienced from a distance. To truly revere the beauty of this city, one needs to get closer to the places and lives of everyday Mumbaikars. One of the best ways to explore the lifestyle of the citizens is cycling around the city in the early hours of the morning.

As the city awakes to the new day, the tour is best experienced between 6.30 am and 10.30 am. With architectural gems at every corner you will not run out of places to see in South Mumbai. We cycled through the majestic Gateway of India, grand Victoria Terminal Station, beautiful Ballard Estate and other winding alleys to end our tour with a sumptuous breakfast at one of the popular Irani Cafes of South Mumbai. The tour cost us INR 1800 and included the bicycles, helmets, breakfast, etc. plus a local guide to educate us about South Mumbai’s inspiring history.

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