Jaisalmer India – Our Choice of Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury Accommodation

Jaisalmer, the mystical mirage towering out of the Thar Desert, is special amongst destinations in India for the simple fact that it caters to travellers with all budget sizes. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find it in this desert town. And for those that want something completely different, desert camping and glamping is an experience you will not forget.


Jaisalmer is a backpacker’s paradise. As a destination well and truly cemented onto the budget traveller’s (or any traveller’s) circuit, Jaisalmer offers a huge array of classic Indian backpacker hostels, with the usual rooftop restaurants, cold showers, and hard twin beds.

Though you may be overwhelmed with options, there are a couple of criteria to help you choose the best for you. Firstly, as you may only be in town for a day or two, try to find something as close to the dazzling Jaisalmer Fort as possible. A view of the fort from a rooftop restaurant may help too. Room types are fairly standard here, with twin beds and shared bathrooms (plus air-con if you’re lucky), but as Jaisalmer offers rooms at a truly budget price, you can find somewhere to rest your head for as little as INR 100!

  • Hostel Fortside Jaisalmer
    Behind SBBJ Bank, just off Gadisar Rd, doubles from INR 650
    Just to the south of the Fort and with excellent views from its windows, Hostel Fortside is excellent value for its mix of low price and comfortable, cool rooms with private bathrooms. We appreciated the extra charm this place offers due to its colourful local fabrics and very friendly staff. They can also organise a great camel safari for you.

  • Deja View Guesthouse
    Chainpura Street near Gandhi Chowk, doubles from about INR 400
    Though it has its pros and cons, Deja View is still one of our favourites for its fantastic proximity to the fort and other exciting attractions around town. Sure, the hot water doesn’t work, and the beds are only slightly more comfortable than sleeping on the floor, but on the bright side, the atmosphere here as you laze on the rooftop and chat to the owner, Lucky, is an excellent bonus.

  • The Surya Paying Guesthouse
    Inside Jaisalmer Fort, Kotri Para, singles INR 100, doubles from INR 250
    If you’re looking for somewhere extremely cheap to stay in Jaisalmer, look no further. As an added bonus, this place is inside the Jaisalmer Fort. Not bad, hey? The rooms here are fairly clean and the café has a nice, relaxed atmosphere where you can relax on colourful cushions and sip a cool drink. The decoration is a little intense at times but at this price we’re willing to look past it.

  • Badal House
    In Khuri village
    One of the major drawcards for travellers to Jaisalmer is the camel safaris, and for a simply unforgettable experience at a budget price, you can’t go past Badal House. Located in the village of Khuri, around 45 minutes from Jaisalmer, Badal will open his home to you and your friends for one or two night safari experiences, involving a night under the stars on a sand dune, sunrise with breakfast cooked by your camel drivers, and most importantly, Badal’s hospitality in his own home. For guests choosing to stay on at Badal’s house, you can spend the night in a traditional Rajasthani hut and eat a wonderful dinner cooked by his wife. We could not recommend Badal more.


There’s no shortage of beautiful mid-range accommodation options in Jaisalmer, whether in a bed or on a sand dune. For a unique experience, try staying in a haveli, which is a traditional house converted into a hotel.

  • Moustache Jaisalmer
    Ring Rd, near Fort parking, doubles around INR 4500
    At nearly INR 5000 per night, Moustache is certainly on the upper end of mid-range, but to us, the incredible interior of this haveli hotel make it worth the extra money. This incredible sandstone building features a stunning courtyard, marble bathrooms, and lovely decorative doorways and ceilings. Plus, it took us only around 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to the fort! All in all, the Moustache is very hard to fault.

  • Hotel Pleasant Haveli
    Chain Pura St, double/single for INR 4000
    This haveli hotel might not be that different to others in Jaisalmer, but the friendly and helpful staff here make it a cut above the rest. Rooms are spacious and come with air-conditioning and free wifi, and the hotel staff can help you with any queries you may have. The fact that all this is in a gorgeous building in close proximity to all the major attractions makes the Pleasant Haveli a definite winner.

  • Hotel Himmat Niwas
    Inside Jaisalmer Fort, doubles from INR 2500
    This beautifully decorated small hotel within the fort walls combines great price with the comfort of feeling at home. The proprietors of the Himmat Niwas have clearly put much energy into making their rooms both stylish and comforting, and are extremely hospitable to all those that find themselves in their home. The Himmat Niwas can organise camel safaris and other cultural activities for you, too. Don’t forget to save time for breakfast on their rooftop!

  • Prince Desert Camp
    Tents from INR 5000 – 7000 per night
    Want to experience the great Thar Desert but not so keen on waking up with sand in your ears? Well glamping might just be the thing for you, and the Prince Desert Camp is a terrific option for those with a mid-range budget. The Prince tents are spacious and comfortable, and beautifully decorated, and the price includes your breakfast and dinner. Though you shouldn’t expect luxury treatment or utmost cleanliness, Prince offers an escape at a reasonable price, and the chance to ride a camel!

Top End

Living like a maharajah is surprisingly easy in Jaisalmer, if you can afford it! If you like to travel in style, check out these options.

  • The Gulaal
    Bera Road, doubles from INR 6000
    Its location 1km out of the centre of Jaisalmer is the only fault we could find with the insanely gorgeous Gulaal, and really, when the rooms are this nice, who needs to leave anyway? The service here is impeccable, and the furnishings in the rooms of the highest quality. On the grounds you’ll find yoga classes, a gym, pool, and wellness centre, and a wonderful restaurant. The staff can even organise dinner on a sand dune for you, perfection!

  • Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa
    Jaisalmer-Sam-Dhanana Rd, double rooms from INR 15,000
    At the Marriott you can expect any and all of your whims to be catered for by their truly excellent staff. Rooms here are very generously proportioned, and decorated in an elegant mix of Western luxury and Rajasthani tradition. The Marriott is only a few hundred metres away from Jaisalmer’s hustle and bustle but feels like an oasis in the desert. The buffet breakfast was especially memorable, and one of the best we’ve ever had!

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