Agra India – 10 Best Places to Stay in All Price Brackets

With literally millions of people visiting the Taj Mahal every year, Agra’s tourism industry is an ever-growing market, and its hotel scene stays in great supply to meet the demands for a variety of accommodations.


Just south of the Taj Mahal grounds is the neighbourhood of Dalihai, a popular spot for budget hotels for almost dirt cheap. Its close proximity to India’s most famous site makes it a prime location for travellers staying overnight, especially those looking to get a great view of the Taj Mahal at sunrise. The area is ringed with accommodations INR 1,930 (USD30) and under for an evening. Just drive along East Taj Mahal Road or on the south side of Agra-Bah Road. The rooms may not be as cleanly or full of amenities as hotels in a more expensive price range, but the rooms are private and the staff is always just as welcoming.

1. Hotel Sidhartha

For those looking for little more than a place to lay their head for a few hours before waking up to the grandest view Agra has to offer, look no further than Hotel Sidhartha. Five minutes is plenty of time to get from the hotel to the gates of the Taj Mahal, and with the site’s infamous crowds, travelers will want to get there as early as possible. At a rock-bottom price of a mere INR900 (USD14) a night though, visitors won’t be getting much more than a bed to sleep on.

2. Backpacker Panda

At an insanely cheap price of INR514 (USD8), it’s hard to say you’ll get more bang for your buck than at Backpacker Panda. This backpacker hostel is also within walking distance from the Taj Mahal and is known for its warm hospitality and rooftop dining. Consider getting a room with air conditioning for the summer months though—we’re glad we did.

3. Hotel Safari

Those searching for a no-frills but clean sleeping experience may be interested in staying at Hotel Safari. This hotel is farther away from the Agra’s top sites (located off Minto Road—south of the Yamuna River and the Taj Mahal), but the staff can set up a car to take guests around the city. The employees here are very interested in making sure their visitors have a good time in Agra. And at INR965 (USD15), it’s a good bargain for one night’s stay.

4. Tourists Rest House

For those looking to stay the night or just to have an afternoon drink, Tourists Rest House on Kutchery Road can be a top option. Travelers love the greenery surrounding the building, which makes it feel like the middle of the jungle instead of the middle of bustling Agra. Visitors will enjoy eating or just relaxing out in the cozy courtyard in their down time. And the price of INR1,029 (USD16) isn’t bad either!


As with budget accommodations, most mid-range options are going to be in the neighbourhoods just south of the Taj Mahal—real estate close to one of the wonders of the world is always hot on the market. However, more choices can be found along interstate 19 as well, but most visitors will probably want to stay nearby the banks of the Yamuna to avoid having to travel farther to the sites. And in a big city like Agra, it pays to spend a little more on cozier accommodations (for privileges such as free breakfasts, pools, and reliable internet), especially for those traveling with their families.

5. The Retreat

We thoroughly enjoyed out stay at the Retreat. It was on Shilpgram Road among many other similarly looking hotels with a sleek, more modern style. The Wi-Fi may have been a little slow, but the varied selection at the free breakfast bar and pool off of the lobby added to the more upscale feel of the place. This clean and inviting hotel makes for a comfortable stay at INR3,217 (USD50) a night.

6. Crystal Sarovar Premiere

In the southeast corner of Agra is the Crystal Sarovar Premiere, and while the hotel is most definitely not within walking distance to the Taj Mahal, it does boast an amazing view from its rooftop restaurant, the Sky Grill. The standard amenities of western hotels (air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a pool, free parking, and free breakfast) keep guests comfortable, but the chic look of the rooms and stunning rooftop views really wow travelers. It’s a great deal for INR4,311 (USD67) per night.

7. Sterling Agra

The Sterling Agra is just about four kilometers from the west gate of the Taj Mahal, but the hotel is sight to be seen on its own! Its white exterior with patterned railings looks particularly great when lit up at night—it hardly looks like the type of place that would be just INR2,831 (USD44). It has the typical amenities plus a spa to help guests relax after a busy day of sightseeing. Like the Crystal Sarovar Premiere, the Sterling Agra also has a rooftop seating area, from which visitors can see the Taj Mahal in all of its glory.

8. Howard Plaza the Fern Agra

In the neighborhoods next to Dalihai, just southwest of the Taj Mahal is Howard Plaza the Fern Agra, currently boasting a price of INR3,925 (USD61) for a night. A stay here includes free Wi-Fi, free parking, and air conditioning. Guests also receive a complimentary breakfast and access to a beautiful pool with an overhead waterfall. What guests love the most about the hotel is the friendly staff, who are extremely welcoming and helpful.

Top End

For those who want the best India has to offer with all the luxury comforts of home, Agra promises to deliver. The best areas to look are again going to be around the Taj Mahal, and they’ll likely include fantastic views of the Taj Mahal right from the room. Travellers seeking to be treated like royalty are sure to find such an experience in the ancient city of the Mughal emperors.

9. Trident Agra

Almost at the crossroads between Taj East Gate Road and Fatehbad Road is the Trident Agra. One night can cost around INR11,003 (USD171), but the stunning greenery and pool in the middle of the courtyard definitely provide the wow factor to distract from the price tag. The hotel is part of the Oberoi group, known for its first-class level of service. The staff is very concerned with pleasing its guests, and the daily evening entertainment (henna tattoos, puppet shows, fortunetellers, etc.) leave luxury travellers feeling pampered.

10. Oberoi Amarvilas

The grandest hotel in all of Agra is just a few minutes from the Taj Mahal down Taj East Gate Road. Stays here can cost as high as a whopping INR89,703 (USD1,394), but you definitely get what you pay for. The hotel chain is known for its opulence and great service. During our travels, we met some of the employees of this hotel during their time off to take in the sights, and they were extremely proud to work at such a prestigious hotel. The grounds and pools are breathtaking. Everywhere you turn is gorgeous and extremely comfortable. The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra is the epitome of the marriage between travel and leisure.


As the top destination in India, Agra must have a wide range of accommodations to support the variety of travellers looking to stay overnight for their chance to see the Taj Mahal, and the city certainly delivers. There’s a place for everyone in Agra, no matter what their travel style may be.

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