Taxi from Bursa to Izmir

Taxi from Bursa to Izmir

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Bursa to Izmir Charter Schedule

Bursa to Izmir Charter Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Daytrip Minivan 4pax Any timeTRY 10,282
Rota Istanbul Standard 2X1 02:45 - 08:45TRY 401
Varan Turizm Standard 2X1 04:30 - 10:30TRY 345
Kale Seyahat Standard 2X1 06:45 - 12:45TRY 401
Luks Erova Standard 2X1 08:30 - 14:30TRY 345
Istanbul Kalesi Standard 2X1 10:30 - 15:30TRY 332
Istanbul Kalesi Standard 2X1 12:45 - 17:45TRY 332
Nilufer Turizm Standard 2X1 15:30 - 20:30TRY 286
Nilufer Turizm Standard 2X1 16:30 - 21:30TRY 401
Villa Seyahat Standard 2X1 19:00 - 00:00TRY 253
Gold Istanbul Standard 2X1 21:44 - 03:44TRY 344
Varan Turizm Standard 2X1 23:00 - 03:00TRY 345

Transportation from Bursa to Izmir

Facts about the taxi from Bursa to Izmir

Cheapest Taxi$387
Fastest Taxi3h 12m
Earliest Taxi12:00 凌晨
Latest Taxi12:00 凌晨
Daily Taxi Routes3
Distance160 kilometers
Taxi CompaniesDaytrip

How to get from Bursa to Izmir by taxi

Undoubtedly more convenient than public transportation but predictably more expensive travelling from Bursa to Izmir by taxi transfer is a good choice if you wish to get to your destination with less hassle possible. There are taxi of different size, class, comfort level and price offering your charter door-to-door service to suit every taste and pocket. With an easy and straightforward online booking, it is a quick and smooth process. Book your taxi in advance to ensure you get your transport when you need it.

With the following operators – – all offering taxi from Bursa to Izmir – it is a good idea to read other travellers’ reviews before you make your choice. It will help you to figure out what to expect from your trip: how long the ride will take, how clean the car is, how professional the drivers are and much more.

How far is Bursa from Izmir?

The overland distance to Izmir from Bursa is 160 km.

How long does it take to get from Bursa to Izmir by taxi transfer?

Taxis transfer normally require less time than buses or vans to cover the same distance as they often travel at higher speed and may skip en route stops if you do not need any. In any case expect your journey by taxi to Izmir to take between 3h 12m and 3h 12m hours. If you are planning any detours or toilet or lunch stops, remember to calculate some extra time for that. If travelling by night, during rainy or snowy weather, rush hour or on weekends, traffic jams may add extra time to your journey. Never plan tight connections with flights, ferries, or trains – allow enough time to arrive.

Daytrip report the shortest travel time promising to bring you to Izmir in 3h 12m hours while the slowest operator is Daytrip.

How much does it cost to get from Bursa to Izmir by charter taxi?

The cost of your taxi transfer will depend on the operator and the type of the vehicle you choose. Very often, there is little or no difference in price between a car accommodating three passengers and a van good for up to 9 pax. The latter offers much more comfort in the sense of legroom and luggage space, so even if you are not a large party, it is still worth checking the price for both options before making your choice. Note that on some routes – especially to and from the airports – there may be an additional fee for each piece of luggage. On the positive side, remember that during certain periods or on some routes, taxi charter companies may offer free class upgrade – book the cheapest economy ride and get a larger car.

The lowest charter taxi rate from Bursa to Izmir is provided by Daytrip. The maximum rate is USD 443.38 if you opt for Daytrip.

Travelling by taxi essentials

  • To ensure you are picked up when required, book your taxi transfer in advance. It is vital to plan your journeys early if you are going to travel during the busiest periods – high season or just rush hours. Sometimes it will be impossible to book a long ride with the immediate departure – in the best-case scenario you will have to wait for hours, in the worth one – to postpone or cancel your trip.
  • Make sure you have clearly agreed on pick up and drop off locations prior to the trip. If getting to your location requires special instructions – e.g., road closures, non-resident cars are banned from entering your compound, etc. – let the driver know it in advance.
  • If you need to make a detour or are planning any stops during your taxi ride, want to check any tourist attractions or pick up additional passengers in locations other than your pick up point, inform your taxi company beforehand. Extra fees may be charged – or may not, depending on your route, the car type, and the company’s policy. Anyway, it is always better to confirm everything before your trip. If you fail to do so, your driver may not be able to meet your request enroute due to his further schedule – he may be assigned for another trip.
  • Not all the taxi drivers in any country are able to speak English. If you require an English-speaking driver, inform your taxi company about it in advance and get their confirmation. If your trip does not require any additional stops or deviations from the route, you can most probably survive it even with a non-English-speaking driver, can’t you?
  • If you have any other special requirements, e.g. a car seat for your kid or baby, a female driver, no car perfume, etc. require in advance. Additional fees may apply. Do not hesitate to ask your driver to switch off the music or stop talking if you do not feel like chatting – it is totally ok, just do it politely.
  • The majority of cars on offer are non-smoking, yet your driver can be a smoker and smoke outside the car, e.g. during the stops. If it is of importance to you, do not forget to mention ‘a non-smoking driver’ in comments or special requirements section.
  • It is usually prohibited to drink alcohol while in taxi – yes, even if you are just a passenger. The same refers to smelly foods or foods in general. In some Asian countries you will not be allowed to have durians in your luggage, either.
  • It is compulsory to use seat belts for all the passengers in a car no matter whether you occupy a front seat or rear seats. Locate your safety belt and fasten it even if your driver does not insist on it.
  • As a rule, there is a short waiting period included into your taxi rate quoted, especially if you travel from/to the airport or train station. Often it does not exceed 15 or 30 minutes. If longer waiting time is required, you will be charged extra after the trip. Check the rates your company offers before the trip.