Places to Eat in Iligan

If you arrive in Iligan thinking you are going to a “foodie” destination, you will likely be disappointed. While Iligan doesn’t have a reputation for great food, there are still spots to find good snacks and it helps to know where to look.

In Iligan there are fewer food trucks and street food than in other cities in the Philippines, and you will probably find yourself at more brick and mortar restaurants than, say, Manila, where there are plenty of street food options.

Local Food

Tita Fannies Liempo and Chicken House is a good place to find local food, wall of which is served on a banana leaf. It’s a good spot to try lechon (as long as you eat pork) which is one of the most famous dishes that the Philippines has to offer. It’s located in the Poblacion district of Iligan. Most entrees which are designed to serve between two and three people can be had for under PHP200.

If you’re interested in trying Filipino cuisine with a modern and fancy spin, check out Marianos Home Cooked Specialties. This may be the most expensive restaurant in Iligan, but you won’t be disappointed. It makes for a nice change of pace from plastic silverware and paper plates that you will encounter at other restaurants in Iligan with its linen napkins, candles at every table and china plates. The restaurant has been open since November 2012 and has become one of the most popular restaurants in the area ever since. One of the owner/chefs worked at the Shangri-La Hotel and he brought the haute cuisine methods that he learned at the hotel together with the traditional Filipino cooking methods of his siblings to create the unique style at Marianos. You will pay dearly for a meal there but it will be worth it!

The restaurant is located on Meadowlard Street and is open six days a week, every day except for Sunday. It’s best to call ahead to make reservations as it gets quite busy on the weekends and during high tourist season.

Western and International Food

Due to the influx in tourism in recent years, restaurants catering towards all types of tourists have sprung up. For instance, if you’re craving Chinese food while you’re in town, the Lai-Lai Yeung Chow Restaurant by the water is a good option. The entrees are reasonably priced and you should be able to have a nice chinese dinner for two for around PHP1000.

Another newer restaurant that has capitalized on tourist growth is Ramen-yah! which is a great place to try if you’re in the mood for a bowl of noodles. It’s located on Tambo Highway and they offer ramen and other Japanese specialities such as tuna rolls and bento boxes at reasonable prices - an entree costs around PHP200.

Flamoo is a burger joint that is popular with expats. Prices are a bit more expensive as it’s geared toward westerners, but you’ll still get a cheaper burger than you would in Europe or in the States. It’s located at The Strip, Quezon Avenue Extension, in the Pala-O neighbourhood of Iligan. On Tuesdays, they offer unlimited French fries so it could be wise to plan your trip around that.

Coffee and Coffee Houses

There are also plenty of places to find coffee and pastries if you’re looking for a good place to take a mid-afternoon break. And, if you’re lazy and don’t feel like leaving your hotel, most of the high-end resorts in the city offer their own restaurants. Of course, you will pay for the convenience because they are more expensive than other restaurants in and around the city.