Melaka Things to Do

So much to do in Melaka, so little time. Maybe you could run everywhere?

Boat tours along the Melaka River

Where do we begin? Ah, a tour along the Melaka river – absolutely pivotal! Some people enjoy this tour so much that they do it three times in different lighting conditions. Other people just go once. How much time do you have? The tour is such a good opportunity to get a sense of the town's history and rich culture and provides countless insights into the normal, everyday beauty of the people, their practices, and their places. The tour leaves from the Muara Jetty and is available from 9am to 11.30pm every day. Tickets go for MYR 15 for adults and MYR 7 for children.

There are a couple of thing to note about boat tours: first is that you will not see much after the darkness falls; and second is that if your hotel room overlooks the river in the historical centre of Melaka, you will hear the roar of the boats all day long.

Melaka for kids

Family time is the best time – especially when your kids aren't hungry or when they haven't had a big glass of question juice for breakfast. Melaka has you and the family covered. Melaka Wonderland Theme Park? Um, yes please! Sixteen thrilling rides, countless squeals of delight and the priceless opportunity to see outrageous smiles on your children's faces. The theme park is right in the middle of town, so there is no need to stay over, but, should you want to, there a nice hotel in the theme park. The park is open from 11am to 7pm on weekdays, and from 9am on the weekends. Tickets are pricey and the park is busy, which are both to be expected, MYR 45 for adults, and few Ringgit saved for the kids at MYR 38.

Let the thrills continue at Coral Wonderland, home to the biggest interactive touch pool in the whole of Asia with over 1000 different species of fish and coral. What an absolute treat for the senses and imaginations of young ones. The coral park is the first of its kind in Malaysia and as such, is a little pricey. MYR 40 for adults and MYR 30 for children. It is on the 4th floor of Melaka MegaMall and is open from 10.30am and 9.30pm every day.

Bowling is another classic childhood experience. What better place to access their inner Fred Flintstone, to marvel at the lights and sounds and gizmos and shoes than at the MIBC. The Melaka International Bowling Centre is no joke – it is two stories high and fifty-two lanes wide. The lanes are into the Melaka International Trade Centre in Ayer Keroh.

Going outdoorsy

There are several outdoorsy places that are worth your time and exploration round these parts. The Gunung Ledang hiking trail up Mount Ophir offers far reaching views from it's summit. The hike itself is not for the terribly unfit. We would strongly advise hiking to the base camp at night and to the summit in the early hours of the morning for the sunrise. Bring a huge bottle of water, your camera, and some coffee and cookies for the top.

The Bukit Beruang trail is less exciting, but is also much easier. It takes but a couple of hours to reach to summit for some great views of the city.

The Ayer Keroh Lake provides yet another source of entertainment for the nature appreciating traveller. Hire a boat or canoe and go for a casual paddle around the lake, get involved with some serious angling, or keep your pre-holiday workout going with a nice jog around the lake.

The Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest is massive, luscious and is packed with so much more than the indigenous fauna and flora. Activities in the area seem to be somewhat endless, tailored for every interest and ability. Children's playgrounds, a deer park, Storyland, countless picnic areas and a picturesque suspension bridge are but a few activities for the family. The more adventurous can skid around a go-kart track, explore the jungle on ATV's or indulge their inner child on a pocket bike around the circuit at the Ayer Keroh Extreme Motor Sport Park. The sport park is open from 10am to 7pm daily. Skytrex promises to keep your adrenalin pumping in your tree swinging 'sky-trekking' tour with them. Prices vary between MYR 50 and MYR 70 for two to three hour tours of differing intensity. Take the chance to fly, glide and swing above the verdant rainforest.

Now we, for one, never thought there could be a piece of land in Southeast Asia dry enough to be a desert. We live and we learn. Pantai Klebang! It is beautiful and expansive and makes for a great location for some landscape photography! Head there for sunrise or sunset for the golden hours. You're in for a short walk to get to the dunes once you reach the end of the tar road, but it is massively worth it. It is really easy to get to with GPS and is not far away from the town itself.


There are also beaches. Yes, you are reading this right. While they are not top drawer, mouth dropping ones, they will do the trick. They are ideal for a picnic or seaside meal and are a great place to catch the sunset. Tanjung Bidara beach is quiet but serene. Whereas Pengkalan Balak beach is a bit more busy. It has some great local places to grab a bite and drink in the last rays of light. Alternatively, you can sip on a highly recommended coconut shake.


The two ultimate places for expansive views over Melaka and the coastline hold very little over each other. It's hard to say which you should go to, but is easy to say that at least one needs to be on your list!

Menara Taming Sari, a tower with revolving cabin slowly ascends until it reaches the top. Tickets cost MYR 20 for adults and MYR 10 for children. The Shore Sky Tower does less of the acrobatics and simply blows your mind when you get to the top. The brave can stand on a glass ledge and stare into the empty space below them. Not me, thanks. Tickets cost MYR 25 for adults and MYR 18 for children. The prior of the two viewpoints is close to the Mahkota Parade Shopping Complex, while the latter is on the river bank facing Morten Village.


If you enjoy shopping, rather than find it to be a cruel punishment, then you need to go to Freeport A’Famosa Outlet Village. This place is Amazing. The village has been modelled in the vein of Dutch Colonial architecture and makes for a much greater day out than I expected. There is a pool, carousel rides, tricycles, and even a windmill - that's the kids taken care of! Popular brands offer impressive discounts and a wide array of food options are available when you need to fuel up. The village opens at 10am and closes at 10pm daily and is located at Alor Gajah.