Langlawi Things to Do

Let’s talk about explorative activities on Langkawi. On the island, there is something for all interests and types – whether you opt for something more cultural, adventurous, or adrenalin fuelled, the islands abundance of activities has got you covered. Take a half-day ride that spans 26km (MYR172) and features a culturally enriching trip to Langkawi’s rice fields, Rice Garden Museum and lesser experienced rustic villages. Do some more light exercise and go for a walk through the fascinating Lagenda Park. Learn about the folklore and myths of Langkawi as you admire the various statues you come across.

Langkawi Craft Complex

An equally enriching trip is one to the Langkawi Craft Complex. Showcasing incredible Malaysian art and handcrafted cultural gems, this is a great few hours spent. There are opportunities to purchase some of these intricate and beautiful items too.

Langkawi Night Market

The Langkawi night market is another experience favourable to filling your stomach as well as your cultural appetite, so pay attention to where it is being held tonight and make your away over there.

Natural attractions & Hikes

There is just so much for the naturalist to keep themselves busy with. Waterfalls, national parks, lakes, and beaches, all in one place. Options for island hopping to one of the many secluded surrounding islets abound and are very easy to organize.

A day trip to Dayang Bunting Lake will do your mind and soul a great deal of good. It is as impressive as it is serene. Of all the waterfalls worth visiting, we would say Seven Wells is the one that can’t be missed. Get there early to experience it in solitude.

Mount Gunung Raya has the tallest peak in Langkawi. Dumbfounding views of both surrounding and far away islets, crystal blue water, and the miles of verdant tropical forests stretch before your eyes. You can take the easy way up and grab a taxi, or you can enjoy a challenging hike to the top.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum of things that people do for fun, you can go enduro riding through dense forests for MYR 460 for half the day. Spend the second half of the day going for a hike and in the Kuah Geopark. Allow the beauty and significance of the rock formations to wash over you.

Sky Bridge and Cable Car

Experience the island’s surrounds from the view atop the world class Sky Bridge over Mount Mat Cinchang. Possibly even more thrilling, you can experience the view from the window of the cable car.

Mangrove Forest Walk

Possibly our favourite thing we did on the island was a mangrove tour. Amidst the brilliant forest, scaly monitor lizards, majestic eagles, cheeky macaques, underwater limestone formations, and eerie bat caves, something is experienced that is never to be forgotten. Be sure to pay the MYR200 for the memorable two hours.


The sporty and physically inclined have a wealth of opportunities to get involved in on the island. On the aquatic side, the list of options is exceedingly tropical and enticing. Jet Ski tours to other islands, climbing up sheer limestone cliffs with nothing but the Andaman Sea below you, sunset cruises, kayaking, and parasailing down waterfalls.

Take the few minutes to explore your options either online or in person on the island, and get ready for stiff muscles and the feeling of a day well spent. A canopy tour is a critical experience to have as tourist here. At just over MYR220 for a full tour, you’ll be gliding down two zip lines, doing multiple abseils and some fun climbs. Undoubtedly a tourist favourite.

Langkawi spas

Being so wrapped up in idyllic beaches and luscious forests, there are several fantastic options for a day at the spa. Multiple spas are tucked away in thriving rainforests with relaxing pools and cascading waterfalls. The Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort is one the several spas offering amazing views and top-flight service.

Cooking Classes

If you’re in the mood to learn how to create the Malay dish you had last night, go Cook With Shuk at MYR255 per person. It comes highly recommended by those who have gone. There is also a fun herb farmstay workshop, batik painting workshop, and even a hula hoop retreat. There is no end to self-improvement activities, it seems.