Kudat Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

As mentioned, accommodation in Kudat can be hit and miss and there aren’t a huge amount of options to choose from. Most are listed on popular online booking websites though, so it’s worth being a bit organised with your trip here and booking something in advance – especially if you’re trying to travel on a budget.

Choices at the lower end of the price scale can be restricted, although the mid range is reasonably well represented. Hotel standards are usually pretty good, although the tip of Borneo can be a little pricier than other destinations in the area.

In Kudat Town

The first choice of location, where many choose to base themselves, is Kudat town itself. This is the starting point for most tours and has the most infrastructure, making it easier to find restaurants, shops etc – these can be in shorter supply in other areas.

Probably the cheapest option here is the Hotel Greenland which costs less than MYR60 per night and offers clean, comfortable and fairly large rooms. All rooms come with air conditioning, wifi (which can be patchy) and televisions, and there are a few different levels of rooms that you can choose.

A similar price range option is the Upper Deck Hotel with its clean rooms and hot water showers, although it’s not quite as nice as the Hotel Greenland.

Higher end options in Kudat Town include the Kudat Golf and Marina Hotel at between MYR120 to MYR250 per night depending on whether it’s high season and what type of room you choose. It’s a little out of town but worth it for the seaside location and it also has a nice pool and of course, the golf course if that’s your thing. Another choice is the Ria Hotel which is still fairly basic, but widely considered the best choice in Kudat but simple and clean rooms in a good central location.

On the Tip of Borneo

If you’re looking for more of a Borneo beach experience, make your way to one of the resorts on the Tip of Borneo.

Here the cheapest and most popular option with backpackers is the Tampat Do Aman, where you can stay in everything from chalets to longhouses depending on your budget and need for personal space. It’s an environmentally friendly option which works hard to give back to the local community and economy and to share the benefits of tourism to the area. If you don’t fancy a basic jungle camp experience then the private chalets are pretty nice – with comfy four poster beds and colourful interiors. Rooms cost from MYR60 per night and the friendly team are more than happy to help you arrange any activities you want to take part in while you’re in the area.

A more luxurious experience can be had at the North Borneo BioStation, which also offers diving. This is comfortable, wooden chalet style accommodation with hot showers and even access to a private beach. Alternatively you can try Tommy’s Place, which has a great location but is a little expensive for what you get - one of the advantages of having so little competition! Accommodation is basic but the views are beautiful.

On the Banggi Island

Finally, you might want to spend a night on the remote Banggi Island. Probably the nicest hotel and still cheap at MYR60 to MYR120 per night is the Karakit Hotel, which is new, modern and provides rooms with sea views. It’s the best option on the island but still has limited facilities - you’re likely going to need to bring your own food or be prepared to eat early somewhere nearby.