Ipoh Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

Ipoh's tourism industry has grown in recent times, and as such, there has been much investment into the local economy. Options for accommodation in Ipoh are in surplus and represent no real issue in pre-booking. The variety in the accommodation is impressive and makes the destination affordable for all kinds of travellers passing through.


Backpackers, homestays, and more trendy small hotels are in abundance. A great option for the single traveller is the Mari Hostel. The hostel is located just 1.3km walking distance of the train station. It is also within walking distance of all the hotspots in the city. The value given for a mere MYR 30 is impressive. Think free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, spacious common area, movie projector and kitchen facilities. Say hello to a cosy, and cheap night in! I’m jealous just writing this. Bed and Bike is a well-known and well located hostel who provide a bed for the very little MYR 12 - 15.

A slightly more expensive, but very cool option is the Container Hotel. The industrial retro hotel incorporates elements of the tin mining past in a simple, but interesting experience. A bed and free Wi-Fi will set you back MYR 40. In this price range, the Eloft Hostel, a buzzing hub of iconic backpacker style, will cost MYR 30 for a bed and shared bathroom.


The Ipoh French Hotel is strong mid-range accommodation. It is fantastically located right in the middle of the city, near to activities and amenities. All the food options one could desire surround the area of the hotel, which, makes the walk home after a stomach stretching dinner a little easier. The rooms are clean and spacious and provide a comfortable retreat from day excursions. A room with free WiFi will cost approximately MYR 130 and is a sound investment for those looking for some comfort at night.

At the higher end of the mid-range budget, it seems worth scraping the nickels together for a night in the Haven Resort Hotel. Rooms with fantastic balconies go for around MYR 400 and, all in all, provide a pretty luxurious experience. Breakfast, and a massive pool constructed around a limestone cast is included. The surrounding verdant forest gives the hotel a very earthy feel, while maintaining a high class finish.

Top End

If you're coming through Ipoh on a tour of the Malaysian Peninsular that you have saved so long for, or if you are here celebrating your honeymoon, or if money is but a bunch of worriless numbers to you, the high-end resorts in Ipoh are here to impress and satisfy. Residing within one of nature’s oldest jungles, the limestone hills towering above, waterfalls, springs and caves are scattered around the resort. The luxury of the rooms, the unbelievably well renowned service, and the revered Holistic Spa all make for one special night over. Because of capitalism and currency and those sorts of things, these things cost money. A night here will cost around MYR 1600. Worth it?

LaCasa Premium offers a comparatively cheaper, but still certainly high-end experience to the travelling family. For around MYR 800, a decadent and well decorated villa is yours for the having. A nearby lake with private jetty looks onto limestone casts that surround it.

All in all, these are but a few of the many options available in Ipoh. And, to be honest, accommodation is the least of your worries. Get planning your activities, day trips and sights, figure out how you are going to fit everything in.