Where to Stay in Siem Reap - Best Value Hotels & Tips

Siem Reap abounds with accommodation and it is easy to find something at a low price.
Coming from Pnomh Penh, you may find someone meeting you with your name on a board, phoned ahead by their friends downcountry. They’ll offer you a free ride to view their property but don’t feel obliged.

Which area to choose

First decide whether you want to stay in Siem Reap town or closer to the temples of Angkor. If you only plan on staying a day and Angkor Wat is your focus, although you can easily arrange transport, it would be easier just to head straight to the accommodation nearer [Angkor](/en/cambodia/angkor] and enjoy a longer lie in bed.

Siem Reap is not big but it is a bit spread out so if you stay in the town choose the area with a map in hand so you have a feel for how far from the action you’ll be. Sivatha Street and surrounding streets are popular for accommodation, Wat Bo options are around the eastern riverbank, with a more laid back vibe. Psar Chaa is a good choice and our personal favourite if you’re looking for accommodation at the cheap end of the scale. The road from the airport also has slightly more expensive budget options.

Anywhere taking guests can arrange cheap transport around town, or you can figure it out yourself potentially cheaper. If you stay at one of the many options outside of town they will organise transport but pricing will be harder to negotiate as your options are more limited, and at nighttime you’ll also have to drive along the local roads in darkness, never a very safe feeling experience.

A lot of hotels and even some guesthouses have excellent restaurants of their own so you may not need to venture far. If you want to be based near a wide range of food and drinking options, Psar Chaa ticks the boxes. Sivatha Street is a long drag which also has a lot of good restaurants and feels a little bit more spacious. Both are good options for shopping but to our eye Psar Chaa wins with its eponymous market.


For budget options you can take your pick of hundreds of guesthouses, hostels and cheap hotels, with the cheapest starting at USD4 or USD5 for a bed in a shared room without air conditioning, and decent hotel options from the low USD20s. The Red Piano Guesthouse (341 Street 08, 963240) is cheap but charming. Garden Village (434, Group 4, Steng Thmey Village, 012 217 373) has charming prices at least, with dorm beds from just a couple of dollars and basic rooms not much more.

Budget options often have a choice of whether or not to use air-conditioning, or the cheaper fan. If you’re planning on staying in town for more than a few days, it’s worth asking about longer term rates.


Mid range hotels start at USD20 and great ones can be had for just USD30 or USD40. Many are well located in the busier parts of town, such as out of town, the River Garden (River Road West, 963400) is a wooden resort in a characterful garden, and we love the colonial chic rooms at Pavillon Indochine (Jean Commaille Road, 012 849 681), which also has a small pool – a bonus which you will definitely appreciate.

Top end

Luxury options will run from USD80 into several hundreds. A few are in the town centre but many are dotted around on the outskirts, or bucolic locations some miles away. Typically they can arrange transport to meet you as well as shuttle you around once there. Book in advance in high season, but in the quieter summer months they are often not full and some can offer steep discounts. We dream of living the dream in the lush rooms at La Résidence d’Angkor (Stung Siem Reap Street, 963390) or the boutiqueish FCC Angkor (Pokambor Avenue, 760280).