Lovely Beaches in Koh Rong to Fall in Love With

There are 28 beaches on Koh Rong, so you may want to choose to stay on one that is appropriate for your travel desires. Koh Rong is large and the beaches are on all sides of the island.

The easiest areas to reach from Sihanoukville are Koh Toch Village and Sok San Village each being close to beaches. Other beaches on the island can be reached by taxi boat from these points.

Is Koh Rong great for everyone?

In general, this island may not be the most exciting for children unless they really enjoy nature and swimming. Couples have the option of being on party beaches or more secluded areas. Backpackers and partiers defiantly can have fun. The island really offers a variety of experiences and you are free to choose what appeals to you the most.

Koh Touch Village

The most common drop off point for speed ferries is at Daem Thkov pier by Koh Touch Village. Here it is easy to find abundant affordable accommodation which can range from USD5 in a dorm to USD24 for a private bungalow.

There are also a lot of restaurants located here which vary from Khmer food to Western food, with all varieties being quite affordable, typically from USD1 to USD5. We personally recommend going to Nice Foodrestaurant where you can refill your water bottle for 50 cents, which reduces the amount of plastic being disposed on the island.

There are also multiple convince stores here and a pharmacy. However, it is not a good place to swim here as the boats drive here and waste from the lodges may be in the water.

Koh Touch Beach

This beach features white sand, which you can see through the clear light blue water. It is quieter than Koh Touch Village, which may be for the fact that the bungalows which are located directly on the beach are a bit more expensive than what backpackers may want to spend. However, since it is within walking distance of Koh Toch Village it is easy to go to the village to arrange tours and access more restaurants.

Police Beach

It takes less than ten minutes to walk to Police Beach from Koh Toch Village, this beach is aptly named after the police station on it, but that doesn’t stop the all night parties that the beach is known for.

Vietnamese Beach (Ow Kasang)

Is quickly becoming a second location for backpackers – perhaps due to the low cost of accommodation there. In fact, Suns of Beaches rents two bed tents for USD10 per night, allowing one to wake up and easily jump in the refreshing clear water. You may even see starfish on the shores, but you might have to look closely as they are coral-coloured like the sand.

Long Beach (formerly called Sok San Beach)

This is another location boats from Sihanoukville drop visitors eager to see the white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Sok San Village is located here and gives a true Cambodian experience since it is a small fishing village. The sunset is also said to be breath-taking here, with many people taking a boat tour to the beach just for the sunset.

Lonely Beach

However, if you are looking a truly relaxing and quiet get away (perhaps a good spot for newlyweds), then Long Beach might be what you are looking for. It is on the northern side of the island, where development still hasn’t changed the amazing beachscape full of palm trees with fresh coconuts.

It hosts only one beachfront jungle lodge with basic accommodation and food options, with no wi-fi. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since there is so much untouched nature to enjoy around, including bioluminescent plankton which can be seen here without getting into the water. Looking down and seeing the plankton light up is like seeing the bright stars in the night sky above you being reflected in the water.